Dre's ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. The Gov. wants to spend $1 million to install drone detection over two ‪#‎Maryland‬ jails. What are your thoughts?
Stephen Moyer, Secretary of the Maryland Dept of Public Safety and Correctional Services, tours the Correctional Institution for Women with the warden, Margaret Chippendale.

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. The Gov. wants to spend $1 million to install drone detection over two ‪#‎Maryland‬ jails. What are your thoughts?

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Mike Savage That’s crazy it’s like that movie will Smith did back day called Enemy of the state

Kevin Boardley No a bad idea it’s a waste of taxpayers money

Raydiva Oneal Hell no!! Gov Hoagie need to put that money in the right place what do we have CO’S for i been i the city jail aint that many people breaking out of that dump. Spend it on the schools

Reason Bradley Waste of money…the gov needs to take it from someone who’s been there ..it’s not gonna help anything I don’t think..plus he could be putting the money in schools not jail smh

seriously_outofcontrol For what? The corruption inside/outside will never stop… Waste of money

rdllr_ It needs to be installed in the police stations and congress.

grandman1126 A waste of Money… Body Cameras??? Drones??? I’m sure MARYLAND can find better stuff to spend money on… SCHOOLS!!!! 😠😠😠 #LoveDatMoney

bigmarco711 @drejohnson1 How about spending that money on fixing these pot holes & breaking me off for a frontend alignment. Thanks In Advance.

murphyhomesjoey Another waste of money… Use the million to fix the city streets, tired of pot holes & the mini speed bumps

i_am_legend83 @drejohnson1 morning bro man hell naw that’s a waste of money they did all that revamping of employees to stop stuff from coming in and out yet ppl still getting whatever they want over the jail they just dumb

i_am_legend83 its a cover up for the state officials to spend state money for personal stuff @drejohnson1 #WhiteCollarCriminals

sterl_world They always find money for dumb s*** but when it comes to the kids in the school they never can get no money

candykane691 A waste of money again

justmimi1071 *waste

candykane691 They never have civil thoughts on what to do with tax payers money

jav_523 Hell no out it back in to the school spent $to keep people out not in

officialsince90 @candykane691 now that’s a real good point.

mrsmontay30 Spend the Million on summer program s

iamdjbunk @92qjamsbmore good idea, because it keeps people from bringing drugs and weapons into the jails, but that’s what you have guards and cameras for, investor that money into our city and parks rec’s for our city kids and help get guns off the streets….. Good morning @drejohnson1

msthing1102 Smh.. and I guess state employees will take a third pay cut.. all that money and drugs still going enter thru people smh

orange_life_exposure Waist of $ it’s not the inmates, it’s the c.o.’s and the warden that have the jails so awful. They make some much $$$ off the inmates that they will always turn the camera the other way

heyitsluka1 Dope!

shannon_fitzzz WASTE of money…. Should probably put that money into after school programs

king_damon1 Nice





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