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There’s no doubt that Beyonce has perfected the art of performing, down to every high note and choreographed step. But even the Queen falls short of grace sometimes.

We live in a time where no one is ***flawless or perfect, except Beyonce. The BeyHive has convinced the world that their favorite heroine can do no wrong, even when she makes mistakes.

But to her credit, Beyonce is a beast at what she does, even when she almost takes a tumble like she did during her Super Bowl halftime performance on Sunday. In honor of Bey’s misstep, we’ve put together a list of all the times she’s fallen and gracefully recovered, figuratively and literally.

Check it out below.

During the Beyonce Experience Tour in 2007, Bey was swinging her hair around when she tripped on her trench coat and slid down approximately 12 stairs while performing “Ring The Alarm.” She jumped right back up and continued on as if nothing happened.

In 2013, during the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, Bey attempted to give her fans in Montreal an intimate moment as she sang “Halo,” but it was short-lived. Mid song, her hair got tangled up in a stage fan and the crew scrambled to get it out.

Beyonce IG post

Meanwhile, Beyonce kept singing, hitting every note, unscathed. She even made fun of it, posting a photo on IG saying that her “Virgin Remy and Malaysian got snatched.” Classic!

While performing on 106 & Park with the other members of Destiny’s Child, Beyonce maintained her elegance as Michelle Williams took an embarrassing fall. Bey barely looked over to see if her group member was OK. She stayed in formation.

In 2001, Beyonce got a taste of what it must feel like to be on the wrong end of the BeyHive. While performing “Bootylicious” at the All-Star game in Philly, the crowd booed Destiny’s Child because Beyonce and Michelle were rocking LA Laker jerseys. Major throwback.

During rehearsals for her famous “Single Ladies” video, Bey almost broke her ankle while trying out new dance moves. Of course, she got up and continued.

After killing the stage during her I Am Tour, Beyonce boarded a yacht to celebrate, only to stumble and fall on her face. The fall was so humorous it even tickled her.

On the last concert during the Mrs. Carter World Tour in Lisbon, Bey made her graceful grand entrance, only to trip while walking on stage. She followed that up with an awkward dance move (cc: Ashlee Simpson’s lip synching dance) but finished the show with a bang. 

An overly excited, shirtless fan almost made Beyonce lose her cool during a performance in Brazil. The fan grabbed her and pulled her into the audience with him. Instead of having the young man escorted out, Bey told the security, “It’s alright, he just got excited,” and shook the guy’s hand. What a woman!

Although the I Am World Tour was the fourth one for Bey, a lot of mishaps occurred. From earrings falling out to hair faux pas, it didn’t faze the Queen.

Despite a few setbacks, Beyonce hasn’t stopped and is showing no signs of slowing down.


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