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Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. If $20,000 fell into your hands today, how would you spend it?


Rick Tyler Good morning ……Pay off these bills my brother … by one …

Terrence Teel I would blow it on stocks

Tabby McKoy Gm buy my grandma a tombstone ..then buy me a car

Marvin RIff Rivers My daughters college education. This is her first year at CCBC $20,000 would definitely take some of the financial stress off my back

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Tashia Smith Good morning Dre Johnson! I’ll get a few things I want and pay off some bills…

Latisha Crowder Pay some bills and move out-of-state

Thomas Dana Little Pay my daughter 2nd semester tuition .

Jakia Mouzone Move

Kevin Boardley Pay back my credit card’s

Chereese Barrett Pay my Bills and my Mothers bills and then spend a little on myself,my Mother and my kids.

Corey Smith Invest 5 grand Use 5 Grand For Bills Give My Lady 5 Grand and Donate 5 To A Charity investing in the youth of Baltimore

Tee Denton On my kids, myself, my father and give to the churches and homeless shelters

Charles Smith Pay my tithes. …put some money on my bills….buy my special one a hover board….bank the rest

Shaneka Johnson Bills

Raymond Brice All stocks

Cristal Lee A car house and vacation

Ty- Ron Rice Clear my credit report

Simeon Ainsworth Move out of Baltimore

Renea La Toya Lemon-Saulsbury I would invest in a business

Michael Dixon Feeding the less fortunate

Ashanta Lovelyredlipps Pay some bills ,break my lease nd move to Texas, gt a place pay the rent up for a year

Daleisha J Matthews Paying off debt and moving into a spacious townhouse

Sharifa Carter Pay of bills and put a down payment on a house

Deitrick Jamal Mattison I’ll flip to make 40,000 then again to make 60,000

Dominique Battle Pay off my tuition for a semester

Ashly Smith Pay off all my bills and use the rest for tuition.

LaShae White Get my credit straight.

Sherry Lawrence Bills fix up my house…

Jameka Leach Tithe,buy a car for my husband and make someone’s day

Yolonda Sosassy Dukes Wisely lol spending the right way and save some for a raining day lol

Karl Miller donate half to my kid’s school

LaDonna Myfour Holley College tuition… pay down some bills…..

Tangela Cobb Down payment on a house

Belinda Frederick I would invest it and do some repairs around the house

Tammy Brown Pay off my credit so I can get a loan for a house for my daughter who has stage three chronic kidney disease, so when she comes home from her transplant she can heal in a quiet environment

Sheree Planter Pay off some Bill’s and then move and do a family vacation

Angie Brink I would get the best doctors for my daughter….

Aaron Walls Pay my car off

Andre Jones Pay bills and budget my money the right way.

Pamelia Cook I would pay my tithes, love offering, give my mom some money, pay all my bills off.

Thenell LeoChic Daniels Pay my bills off and take care for my kids and grandson and donate to the house of Ruth

Diamond Faith Paying partially for school and repairs to my old car and paying of my mother’s BGE

Nathan Hill I’d finally get a vehicle that won’t cost me so much, get an apartment, put 10,000 in my savings, and put the rest into a savings account for my future child.

Tira Schofield 92QJams Baltimore Clean Up My Credit & Invest In A Small Business.

Eric So Smooth Russell Pay off past debt and purchase a home

Vescenta Brown I would pay a bill and take my grandkids on a vacation



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