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Freddie Gray

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@drejohnson1’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. The ‪#‎Baltimore‬ City Board of Estimates approves a $6.4 million civil settlement with the family of ‪#‎FreddieGray‬ today. What are your thoughts?


Vonnie Fatz Long Good morning Dre. Congrats to the family but sad part the police will retaliate because of their lost.

Rashawn Shakur Thompson At least the family will be out of poverty but it still won’t bring Freddie back.

Nina TakingCharge Zamora · 80 mutual friends

I’m happy for the family. But there’s no amount of money that can bring back a love one.

Trina Whoelsebutme Selden They very well should because they know that at least one–maybe two of those officers will be held accountable. To me, it’s an admission of guilt–ijs GM Dre!!

Tee Denton The family deserves that amount and the officers involved need to get major charges and jail time. Money can’t bring back Mr. Gray. Smh, r.i.p.

Corey Brayboy How do u do the civil before the criminal??? This seem so shakey… I hope they didn’t just sell there soul to the devils… smh….

MrTerrence Teel that amount should have been paid times 6. Their hands are tied now, nothing much more they can do once they settled.

E Charles Jenkins I think it’s too much for the city to pay out this city cannot even keep rec centers open old pools open or even keep schools open so how do we have 6.4 million dollars to give to Fred Gray family I think that’s just not good at all

Jemar Jerry McCoy My goodness words can’t even explain…that’s a mighty beautiful lawsuit settlement but that doesn’t bring back a life…

Pebbles Lewis That will not bring him back and that’s hush money. They’re trying to shove millions to this family and let these officers go FREE. THE 2ND ROUND OF RIOTS WILL BEGIN SOON. SMH…

Shamica Banks The tax payers will be broke trying to pay this out smh the city we live in still no justice

Pebbles Lewis Shamica Banks, I totally agree however, I disagree that we the tax payers should have to suffer for the police officers and the city of Baltimore’s screw up!!

whthershey209 They should have settled after the trial. I hope this civil case doesn’t have an effect on the criminal case. However I have a feeling that quietly charges are going to be dropped. Smdh.

just_b_n_me_126 There’s no amount of money that can replace your loved one

e_rky4eva True there’s no amount that can replace a loved one but where is this money coming from as the city need so much funding for things. The city can’t claim broke if they issuing out 6.5 million

og_mac73 I say trial 1st, then if convicted settle.

murkskyhigh I don’t think money should be excepted before the trial. 6.4 million is a lot of money. Makes me feel like officers won’t be convicted since settlements are already in place.

ginabraxton Its pure b.s. you can’t put a price on the torture Freddy went thru..the pigs knew they were wrong and killed that young man!!!!

seriously_outofcontrol No amount of money can bring him back to his family…. 6.4 mill isn’t enough in my eyes… But I feel this settlement before the trial is saying they are guilty or maybe the large amount is hush money to his family bc the officers will get off or a slap on the wrist…

__shalon__ You can’t put a price on someone’s life. Justice is not a pay off!! The bottom line is someone was MURDERED, which means those responsible need to be in JAIL.

prettyteefus@e_rky4eva there are insurance bonds that they have for items and issues like this. They are simply filing a claim.

prettyteefus If we are honest with ourselves when we use words like Justice, we’d realize that “we” the community, are also responsible for it. We can’t be selective with our anger toward the mayor and the police, they aren’t the ones piling up bodies in the morgue. Unless we hold our families, communities, and our elected leaders responsible, for their actions/inactions, this behavior will continue in perpetuity, and you’ll still be asking this question @drejohnson1