T.I and Tiny

Source: Prince Williams / Contributor / Getty

The blogosphere is going crazy at the fact that the Family Hustler’s TI and TINY were just hit with bill from the feddy gov aka the IRS in the amount of 4.5 MILLION BUCKS.  For taxes owed that date back to 2012 and 2013.  The breakdown is as follows, the first part of the unpaid balance is $1.4 million from 2012.  Then there is that other balance of $3.2 million from 2013.

This is the part we don’t understand.  Where the HAIL are the accountants?  We are pretty sure that the Harris’s have people on deck to handle stuff like this.  So why is this balance owed just now making the headlines.  This is a personal matter, and we hope they make it through.  Although we are sure they have the funds, who really wants to SHELL OUT that much money all at once.  ARGHHHHHHHHHH!!  Don’t they have enough kids to chop that down??  How do some people NEVER owe…HMMMMMMM…Will keep you posted.


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