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Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. The ‪#‎Baltimore‬ Police officer caught on photo pointing his gun at the crowd Sunday at ‪#‎DruidHillPark‬ is placed on administrative duty. Do you think more action should be taken against him? Click to see the full story!



Vonnie Fatz Long Good morning Dre and yes they want respect but are unable to give it. Be responsible for your actions.

Nina TakingCharge Zamora No everyone keeps crying about what the police are doing which is to protect and serve this so called fine city. Its not them who are killing black folks its blacks killing black folks. So was he wrong for pulling out his gun? It was probably for a good cause. I don’t put nothing pass these young kids or young adults anymore.

Leo Dominic he is the only officer with his gun…yes he deserves to be on admin/ leave…..

La-Wanda Carter I think that this pic reflects BPD. Here u have one officer drawing weapon apparently he feels the situation or people warrant such behavior. Look at the other officers. Some are looking at him like wtf are doing? Or addressing the crowd verbally. Nonetheless, they will all stand behind the one gun wielding officer in solidarity rather than check clearly individual behavior. Not all cops are bad. Stop supporting rotten apples.

Patricia Ray That whole situation is crazy to me. This is why they don’t respect authority because this is what it results to.

Charles Smith Hmm let me think”what kind of action should be taken”…Got it! I think that he should be stripped of his badge for displaying disorderly conduct of an officer…after that…I think that he should be assigned community service down on Fulton and Pennsylvania giving back to the community in some kinda way…..all the while the entire neighborhood waves a gun at him

Tee Denton Yes. The police are quick to pull out guns and shoot before even knowing the entire situation. Things could be a lil better if the police would stop being on attack mode @ all times, smh. Gm Dre

Dara J Kent Yes you can’t point your service weapon at children and civilians

thatchickyani Yes

makia_vs_meeka Of course , they do things and then get a slap on the wrist by being put on administrative duty @drejohnson1

nyzblue@drejohnson1 ….what I do not understand is why the other officers are not or did not say anything to him. Just wrong

ddubble_d Yes it could have been small kids out there or he could have accidentally shot someone @drejohnson1 and by him being white he would get off like he’s getting a paid vacation right now.

bashidobrown_ We gotta start asking the black officers why do they let him get away with that, without saying nothing

successful_tony I think with everything thing that’s been going on between cops and unarmed Blacks this cop should b fired, fined, and arrested if we keep tolerating this type of BS then it will never stop

east25th_ Yes he should be fired. These pigs are getting out of control. We have to do something. The riots, the peaceful protesting is not working. What can we do as a community to stop this madness????????

king_darrius410 Imagine if everybody he pointed that gun at, pointed guns back at him……

agroomes Definitely!!!! An example needs to be shown!!

_kingnell443_ Yes more should have been doing putting him on administrative leave is nothing me than a paid vacation for him. Take his gun and shield with no pay til the investigation is over

dianaprince8 All the people in the crowd should file a lawsuit. City doesn’t want to get rid of these jokers then pay for them. $50,000 to each citizen that was in the crowd. Psychological injuries

tattoos_by_bigralph something should be done to EVERY ONE OF THEM AROUND HIM as well. NONE of them are stopping him from doing it and that’s just PART of the problem. They seem to be more scared of retaliation from fellow officers than being fired.


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