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Protests in Baltimore After Funeral Held For Baltimore Man Who Died While In Police Custody

Source: Drew Angerer / Stringer / Getty

Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Happy #Monday! Police in riot gear arrived near Druid Hill Park Sunday, and clear out hundreds of dirt bikers and onlookers after the crowd became unruly and rocks were thrown at officers. What are your thoughts? Click here to see the full story!


Sequoia Seleia To a certain extent , discipline has to be hashed out. The tragedy that has been caused by authority in our communities, gives us the right to fight for what we believe in, but in a way that maintains peace & does not cause uproar

Corey Smith Since it’s “illegal” to ride dirt bikes in the streets I want my tax dollars to fund a dirt bike park! People are trying to have a good time and as always Police have another thing in mind! Dre Johnson

Tee Denton This is so sad. Our city is literally falling apart, smh. Gm Dre

Gerald Lee Why now? This is not new

Martez Green If people can act accordingly in those areas then the officers wouldn’t be shitting things down, are we really promoting dirt bikes in the street? #CmonNow

Lynda Love It’s a place for everything. I’m not against dirt bike riding, but it’s not appropriate for it on city streets. However crowds like this sometimes tends to turn into chaos and crime because of the immature minds that’s apart and attends these kind of groups.

Roslyn Smith I agree our city is lost !

Lakeisha Scott-Skrine The mayor along with the police department see this is of interest of this community how many Sunday’s have this went down? Give them somewhere to ride safe, open up the park to them once s week this is something a lot of people really enjoy.

Etosha Price It’s time to revamp something’s in Baltimore and funding for a legal dirt bike park is a must, funding for recreational centers to reopen.We need Ms.Dixon to fix it!

Angela Groomes Pressure bust pipes, and o feel that the police look go agitate situations as well. Just give them some place they can go ride the bikes!!!!!! No harm is being done considering with all the homicides. You have to give a little to get. They could be doing so much other things than harassing bike riders!!!

Darrick Chris Hell nawl. The city is not a place for dirt bikes. Even if there ware a dirt bike park they still would be on the streets. People need to learn how to follow the law. Stop making excuses for those that break it. (Free Big Mike when Big Mike done robb…See More

Niaeshia Reed Bikes Up, Guns Down. Have been going on for how many Sundays?? If they see this going on and notice, the people who ride bikes enjoy doing so, and the hundreds spectators enjoy watching….GiVE them somewhere, where they can “legally” do it…. They’re taking the wrong notes!!!

Aaliyahs Page I think they need to lock all their asses up and ban those stupid bikes!! It’s NOT cool to be blocking traffic from ppl who actually have places to go. Not understanding why this draws such a crowd its soooo irrelevant!!

Tiffany Snyder Espinosa This is ridiculous!!SO MUCH MORE “OUR” CITY could be doing and they wanna try and break up the one thing our city enjoys, one of the things that brings our city together, and another thing that a lot of young black men take great pride in, is riding dirt bikes and being from Baltimore!! IF THERE IS A PROBLEM, FIX IT!! GIVE THESE RIDERS SOMEWHERE TO RIDE!! JMO!!

Niaeshia Reed Similar to and Same reason why people pay they’re money to go to M&T or the arena to watch people ride dirt bikes in circles “literally” . Give them somewhere to ride!

Geraldo H Tillery They need their own place to ride those things …. I rather them be on dirt bike than out in the streets killing or being killed

Niaeshia Reed Geraldo H Tillery that’s it, that’s all. They don’t get it tho!!” If people paid $1 to see them ride the bikes, and the money collected went back into the city for something, just saying, that’s revenue. Or if they sold snacks to the kids watching… It be hundreds of people out there watching….

Geraldo H Tillery I bet they won’t stop them white boys from riding their dirt bikes

Darrick Chris I don’t see packs of white boys blocking city traffic on dirt bikes either. Now i do see some but not packs.

Tiffany Snyder Espinosa Its bc the “white boys” have access to money thru their parents and have access to places to ride; safely and not bothered by police. But this is a whole different lifestyle. These are poverished, inner city kids 75% out riding, trying to stay out of t…See More

Lachelle Carroll Make dirt bikes legal!?!? How about obeying the LAW! This is one of many problems…people think they can do what they want! Smh…How about cleaning the streets instead of riding up and down them!

Darrick Chris Ummm I would be in riot gear too Seems you know the crowd. Would you show up in plain clothes? Apparently it was needed if rocks were thrown. Yeah i know the back story of the kids. It’s the same as mine. I’m from here too. That don’t make it right…See More

Niaeshia Reed Alcohol is legal, guns if registered are legal, Cigarette’s are legal, marijuana is legal, driving a car at 17 is legal. ALL WITH STATE LAWS AND REGULATION CODES, Adding “dirtbikes” wont hurt anymore than those listed above!!!

Darrick Chris Dirt bikes aren’t illegal. Just not legal to ride on CITY streets. One simple rule. I saw some in Druid hill park the other day. Idc. Just not on city streets

Charles Smith I think the most important issue here is the safety of pedestrians, drivers and the ones on the dirt bikes. There’s a time and place for everything. Oh well, sorry that you’re Sunday had to be interrupted by cops in riot gear.

MrTerrence Teel Ignorance. For some strange reason a few communities aren’t satisfied until they are attending someone’s senseless funeral. The unruly crowd could have erupted in something major. “Throw the dam rocks back”

Kevin Boardley They wrong I blame if the Baltimore city should build a place where u ride dirty bike

Gerald Lee Why riot gear now? They been doing this. Last week I saw a drone down their recording it. Summer Sundays. Wheel Deal.

Corey Smith Since it’s “illegal” to ride dirt bikes in the streets I want my tax dollars to fund a dirt bike park! People are trying to have a good time and as always Police have another thing in mind! Dre Johnson

Toiya Best There are More important things to use that money for instead of building as dirt bike park. they don’t respect the drivers that ride down that street nor do they respect people’s cars. I actually saw one of them hit someone’s car and he got mad like the driver did something wrong. City needs to shut that right down!!!

Cornell Cjaudio Johnson its funny how all those people are there to watch them ride dirtbikes but nobody saw a thing when the young mother was killed by a dirtbike rider a few months ago

SweetasCaramel Anderson I think they should build a dirt bike park..the other places in md are far out.Look at the revenue it could bring and if its policed correctly it could be safer for the kids. They took so much from our youth..give them something back…the riot gear un…See More

Nina TakingCharge Zamora All dirt bikes should be confiscated. I can’t stand them things. The riders are disrespectful to drivers by blocking up traffic at the lights so that other bikers can ride through on Reisterstown Road. They won’t be satisfied until someone gets smacked off of one of them.

Keisha Henson That’s the most stupid ish I’ve heard. U mean to tell me they can come out in full riot gear to watch kids ride bikes yet they can’t get in full riot gear and patrol these murderous streets smh pit tee ful.

Gerald Lee Crowd Control Practice?

DeShawn A. Edwards I have no problem with Baltimore City Police Department showing up in riot gear. I would rather than be protected to be proactive instead of reactive. I think people spend too much time making excuses for what others choose to do and they know its illegal. I think individuals who ride dirt bikes vicariously around the city and ignore all regards for others safety create a major issue.

Lacey Holly Johnson-Minor Let’s not forget the 5-year-old that was hit on the sidewalk and the young mother on Wabash that was killed. It’s not harmless, its illegal. They block traffic which is ridiculous. God forbid a car hits one of them. I’m most certain the rest would attack the driver although it’s not their fault. I’m not a fan.


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