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Mimi Faust needs no introduction. I’m going to assume if you clicked this post you know exactly who the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star is. And just in case you don’t, here’s two words for you: shower rod. Mimi Faust became a household name after her sex tape became one of the biggest viral moments of 2014. The intimate video spawned an increase in shower rod sales and made her the most sought-after LHH personality at the time.

Since then, Mimi has had to deal with critics relentless bashing, her boyfriend’s surprise marriage and Stevie J’s new wife Joseline. But the reality star has learned a few things from then to now. In a candid conversation, Mimi revealed, her regrets, how she forgave Stevie J and desperately wanting to break free of the “Angry Black Woman” mold.

HelloBeautiful: How do you think you’ve been portrayed this season on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta?

Mimi Faust: Honestly, I really don’t know because I don’t watch. I think this season goes up and down. Now I have a lot of my cast mates input on me. I really don’t think it’s the show portraying me any kind of way, it’s now the cast members who are putting their two cents in, which I think is amazing because they’re keeping me relevant. I can’t even be bothered by that. They’re going to think what they want to think. My job is to say sane and moving forward.

HB: You and Ariane seem like real friends, were you offended she went to chat with Nikko’s wife Margeaux.

Mimi: Initially yes. I was pretty offended. I’m like really? Who does that? But, ya know Ariane is her own person. I don’t have a leash around Ariane’s neck. It hasn’t changed our friendship.

HB: While you and Nikko were at odds, your relationship and Stevie got stronger…

MF: Stevie and I were in a horrible place for a very long time. Just recently, I forgave him. Once I truly forgave him, I just dropped a lot of the anger and hurt — everything I was holding onto. Once I let that go we were just able to get along and it didn’t bother me anymore. I used to look at him and want to wrap my hands around his neck.

HB: For women who may have gone through the same thing, what steps did you take to get out of that low place?

MF: I had to dig deep. Soul searching. Mediation. You have to be centered. You have to do a lot of self-reflection. I had to forgive myself for being so angry. It was deep.

HB: What is your relationship with Joseline Hernandez now?

MF: There is no relationship with Joseline. I don’t ever see her. I’m never around her. If Eva goes to her dad’s house, I have the nanny take her over there and pick her up. There’s no reason for me to come in contact with that animal. The last time I saw her was at the reunion.

HB: What have you learned from the last season to this one?

MF: This whole thing is like a game and you have to know how to play it. And for a long time I didn’t have the instructions. Why couldn’t anyone give me the instructions [Laughs]. I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into. Contrary to what people believe. Absolutely not. I had no clue what this entailed, what it involved, how it was going to be. It’s really been like everything else in my life. I had to go do something, bump my head and say this isn’t the right thing to do. Trial and error has been my life throughout my life and on Love & Hip Hop

HB: Would you take back the sex tape if you could?

MF: Absolutely. I would take back the second I saw Nikko again at the 2013 VMAs. I would so push the reset button on that.

HB: What do you want people to know about you?

MF: That I’m not this angry mad Black woman. Yes, Ive been in a lot of horrible situations but even still, I’m not this angry vein popping out my neck person. I’m the complete opposite. I’m just a regular woman. I’m a mom, sister daughter. I’m just your girl next door.

Catch Mimi on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta tonight at 8 on VH1.



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