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Dre’s ‪#‎Breakfastbite‬… There have been 17 shootings in Baltimore since Monday. What do you think is causing all the violence?




Darnell Jackson Who knows but it’s getting out of hand!!!! Black lives only matter in the hands of cops ???? Or are we that lost as a community !

Cornell Willis When any society feel lost, hopeless and downtodden the next step is Anarchy. We have to provide some sense of hope in the form of education, jobs or trade training.

Nina TakingCharge Zamora Police are scarred to do anything now. So people are taking advantage of the crime sprees now.

JaylenWauren Johnson This is a divided city and a lot of these children in these urban areas are growing up without the privileges that other children have and they resort to what they believe is the best way to get by which in most cases is “hustling”

King Darrius It’s simple I’m a criminal and I have beef with somebody and knowing the police not doing their job its open season on the enemy. Stop listening to the prescription drug lies.

Tavon Davis Gangs and just simply people who don’t care about their life or anyone else’s life or just life in general

Shawn Manning When you start to not only feel but realize that a violent lifestyle is the easier path to take and making it seem like the only path to take.

MrTerrence Teel Dre we cant even control the liter in the city! We damn sure cant control the weapons and killings

austinimidgetpowers People who stole perks during the riots getting money now people who been selling them and had to buy wholesale not making the same money.

loyal_nik  The biggest problem is social networks. People know to much they know what you got where your at what your doing. The hate is real. Let’s get these social networks bandhow about that. People be too flashy

dave__da_great This new generation just doesn’t care

foxytbaby_ Poverty!!!!! That’s the cause of it. PERIOD POINT BLANK!!! Violence is a learned behavior. When you are deprived of basic necessities, it’s hard to make good decisions and all you have are small things and your ego. Idolizing things and learning that you handle conflict with violence is why people feel that the only solution to their problems is to harm or kill.

ms.mgr8 To me it’s simple…..lack of parenting/guidance, which results to kids raising themselves; our youth are angry and are not really educated on how to properly manage it; the importance of education and the focus on ambition and not being a product of their environment needs to instilled in our youth. Communities hv to step in!

successful_tony The problem is people are punks now-a-days nobody fight head up no more because it’s so easy to grab a gun…wat happen to the times wen we fought one on on wit hands than squash the beef afterwards

loyal_nik@successful_tony most if the time its not even a beef.

candor_clint1983 It ain’t cause no lack of jobs come on cut that noise same person looking for job not out here killing folks only person know is the person that’s doing it find them and ask them why they doing it

tatmylife The summer always get crazy, lack of activities for the youth during the summer

krispyinbmore As young male leaders in the city we need to establish trust in our communities and help today’s youth realize the potential opportunities that exist outside of violence. We also need the police to engage in community outreach and not brutality.

sosincerecb Lack of fear from God ,Egos, drug addicted parents, under educatation, lead, poverty, no self worth.

corey1ravens52@drejohnson1 it’s always money and drugs… #alllivesmatter black lives white lives Chinese Mexican were all human beings and u can’t say stop snitching and then black lives matter!

corey1ravens52 Not saying u say that. But I hate when it’s double standard … If Freddie was shot in a drive by it would be 30 second clip on news and chalked up as another day and part of the game??!!@drejohnson1

___blaqdymen____ Mental illness, no self love, hatred, jealousy. Not having anyone to understand frustration. It could be a multitude of reasons. No fear! No fear for the police. No fear of the families whose lives are being taken. No fear of the consequences.

irock20pearlz@foxytbaby_ right on point

ladyt_41 These people act like their souls gone….they killed my nephew on Sunday and my family t is hurting…please keep us in prayer

the_king_sed It’s too many reasons to list here honestly. 17 shootings in basically two days, is have to imagine there is no fear of consequences. When u walk around you can almost sense the rage out of some people, maybe this is just a sign that their typing point is being reached.

natethedriverfields My people are ignorant and afraid… Most are angry because no one taught them love, and the rest just don’t know! It’s the down fall of our elders instead of teaching hope, they taught violence… instead of embracing revolution, they chose ignorance… we are the lost tribe, but how can we know this if it isn’t taught!


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