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Young man kissing trophy, close-up

Source: Brand New Images / Getty


Although the man kissing the trophy/award is not the BBAGIT recipient today, his race is closely related to why this photo was actually chosen.  While slithering through the internet to see who did something NUTTY and needs to get their life together, we found this story of a young lady that made a FAUX post, then deleted it.  But not before it was screenshot and now she is facing some serious backlash.  A woman in Arkansas claimed that she was attacked and beaten by 3 black men at a local Wal-Mart, after she asked them to stop CUSSING in front of her and her little daughter.  She said instead of them apologizing, they whooped her tail like she stole something.  She then posted fraudulent photos of what appears to be 2 ULTRA black eyes, and a fresh bloody nose.  CHILEEEEE….Look at this mess and see why the she deleted the post, and all her social media accounts.  This chick straight LIED.  At this time we don’t know if she is being charged, but she should be.  A lie is a terrible thing that can cost a lot in the end.  She needs to PAY UP for that.  What you think????  Thanks to the Gawker for this TIP…



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