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Dre’s ‪#‎Breakfastbite‬… The U.S. to redesigned the $10 bill with a woman in 2020. Name a woman who you would like to see on the bill?



Tabby McKoy  Rosa parks

Cornell Willis Maya Angelou is a great choice!

Kevin Boardley K Michelle

Juanita Genia Finney True woman of God…In God we trust…Right

Think about. Mother Teresa

Tabby McKoy Harriet tubman

Russell Borden Although choices like Harriet Tubman, Coretta Scott King, & Sacagawea are all deserving candidates it’ll probably be Betsy Ross. C’mon y’all, this is America we talking about.

Marvin RIff Rivers Michelle Obama.. The first African-American first lady

Keisha Henson Michelle Obama I agree

April Watts Kim Kardashian lls

Patricia Ray Michelle obama

Marvin RIff Rivers Lls!! April Watts, you are so wrong for that… We can’t put the worlds most famous porn star on our money…lmbo

MsHappybymyself Parham Michelle Obama

Keisha Henson I really think that was a joke Marvin RIff Rivers haha

Nicole Johnson The first lady Michelle

mr_wonder27 Harriett Tubman or the first lady

longwooddeepvoice I think Oprah

6619_east_The 90’s lil Kim 😂😂😂 I’m serious

whthershey209 Rosa Parks

booda1914 PRECIOUS with a bucket of chicken next to her

lil_dannymommy Rosa parks

sheis_alleyrenee Hillary Clinton (whether she wins or not)

chill.scooppp Sarah Palin.. Sike 😂 Maya Angelo?

iamdjbunk Madame CJ Walker, for help sister keeping their hair right

loyal_nik Catilyn Jenner’s 😂😂 sike Ms. Rosa

addias_and_lipstick Helen Keller

mylifemypicz Felicia Rucker.. j/k to be honest they should switch it up like we do the president’s. New one every 8 years.. starting with Harriett Tubman.. (hope I spelled her name right.)

mylifemypicz Madonna, Alicia Keys, Beyoncé..

sunangel818 Condoleezza Rice.. Shes been a great positive influence on this century’s politics. If Obama doesn’t get a bill, it should definitely be her :)


POLL : Should A Woman To Be On New $10 Bill ?


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