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Balitmore Mayor

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Dre’s ‪#‎Breakfastbite‬.. What do you think is fueling the violence in Baltimore, should the Mayor’s leadership be in questioned?


Tavon Davis Being Oppressed for yrs has probably been the number one thing to me growing up in bmore on top of that we have a whole bunch of young kids out here having kids trying to support for their kids and have no clue what it takes to really support a family …See More

Trina Whoelsebutme Selden I don’t like the mayor–flat-out. She is not an effective leader. And as far as the violence, it’s just plain senselessness.

Kevin Boardley A ten o’clock curfew again weeks days and weekend 12 o’clock curfew

Charles Smith There’s a lot of anger among this generation. Anger is the reaction of being hurt and oppression. These shootings that are occurring is just a symptom of something much deeper that’s going on within our youth. The people who are committing these sensele…See More

Michael J Thb Dont blame the violence on the mayor. ..Negros been killing each other in the city for years…With all this black hatred….there may not be a solution…most of my peeps left Bmore in the rearview. ..

Vanessa Jones The Mayor’s leadership is not the cause of the violence. The community must step up and work with the police. The violence will continue because of the “stop snitching” movement. Don’t snitch and let the killing continue.

Cherell Conway SRB needs 2 go! We didn’t ask or vote for her. Maybe she can run Bg&E or something but a NO for mayor.

Nelly E Butler I think the police have their own hit squad

Shawn Manning Lack of education,No fathers around to help raise their children,no jobs.minimum wage is too minimum for the cost of living,inflation…the list goes on.

Gains Bond Ignorance!!! That’s what’s fueling it.

Buck Jones The violence never has an answer or a reason it just happens but in this day and time people got caught up in worrying bout police brutality the shootings and murders kept going on during the marches riots and I’m sorry but where is the marches for the violence?

Emanuel Stackinmychips Curry First off they taking all these millions and billions of dollars and building these prisons instead of opening up rec centers and putting money in to creating more jobs

_renee.s_3rd Wat Mayor? We’ve been leaderless and mayorless since Sheila Dixon #bringbackSheila

age.of.fulton The drug trade. The lack of resources and the struggle to acquire those resources.

_ryolo_ One word ignorance

iamdjbunk Talk to the community, get more activity with the inner city communities, atlas make the people of Baltimore think she cares, because at this point, she doesn’t have my vote for the election, also gm @drejohnson1

eboni_vs_ebo It is really terrible to hear about all the violence over the weekend. The problem does not start with the mayor, it begins in the home. We need more parents to become more active in parenting. It’s a village! #prayingforbmore

cheeks18 I think the court system is too soft on them. Eye for an eye. As far as the mayor lol what mayor she’s a joke

fatmalfunnyyo Violence is not a direct effect from the mayors leadership because she answers to someone who answers to someone etc etc…but living below the poverty line always breeds violence.

bmoreliketiff I don’t think there’s anything different fueling the violence than what’s been going on for years….. Education is lacking, poverty is too high, lenient sentencing, a Mayor who is in office due to low voter turn out…. ignorance is bliss to many…. Baltimore is back to being Baltimore…. There are people in this city that take pride in living in Bodymore, Murderland and as such they will keep living up to that “clout”…..

___blaqdymen____ No discipline! The mayor is not doing a good job. I don’t think she ever was doing a good job. The fact that ppl treat black lives as if they don’t matter. This generation feels as if black lives don’t matter. No jobs! No activities! No life! A whole lot of time to do nothing. No education! No self-love! No self-worth! No family structure!

drkingdre Money. The government is set up so we can kill each other. I’m sure they’re behind it.

foxytbaby_ I wish people would stop looking for someone to blame!!! Parents have failed these people!!!! If people would raise better children, we’d have better adults! Parents are getting younger and younger and its effects are manifesting in how the children are being raised!!!!

foxytbaby_ We don’t need more jobs!! The people killing aren’t employable!!! We don’t need more money because for what?! Money is poured into things that are necessary!! A jail is what we said was necessary. Sad but true

brooke_stewart25 Whoever came in to clean up New York City… That’s who Baltimore needs or somebody like that. Baltimore needs some good act right. If little ole’ Baltimore crime rate is getting higher than big cities than pretty soon Baltimore is going to be a ghost town. This has to stop!! Why aren’t they taking actions?? Baltimore needs a no non sense clean up man. Now if Baltimore becomes one of the first cities that need policing in order to live a safe life there then people would complain about that! Maybe the national guards should be there 24-7 and put the freaking curfew back in a effect. Fuck it, you act the a 🙉, get treated like a 🙊

brooke_stewart25 And whose behind selling all of these fire arms. In order to shoot and kill, you need guns. SO WHERE ARE THEY COMING FROM!!!!!!! ANNNNND WHO IS SELLING THEM?????? This shit is disgusting. #wildwildwest #alwaysashodown #sosad

kimpink37 @drejohnson1 Pastor Jamal Bryant and his crew shutting down traffic

greenafrodiva I know for one that we need to stop making excuses and giving hating and fuck shit people do an out, such as poverty and lack of opportunities. We all got the same 24hrs and know right from wrong. I noticed that the police are not stop people and out in the community as much. I understand that morale is down for them. Accountability and respect works on both ends.


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