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Karrueche/ Iyanla Vanant

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After watching the Karrueche Tran interview with Iyanla Vanzant, do you feel sorry for her?  ‪#‎YouSayWhat‬???

Here is what you said on social media:

jenee2687Hell no!!! We control our own destiny. No one held a gun to her head and made her stay.
sweet_ronda23No, I never felt sad sorry for her she knew what she was doing, she may not have known going in but she allowed it all. She could have said no at any time. She was even partying with the baby mother so she knew what it was. And it makes me so mad that she always playing innocent no one said anything when she was mocking Rihanna wit her homegirls. I was trying not to entertain this I’m just tired of everyone thinking Aww poor Karreuche… she was in it for the perks he blasted her on social network he give her a ring & a dog and she Happy again… Foh 😒
la_toya_I actually shed a few tears bc I saw myself in her 100%. It was the positivity, the yoga, the prayer, and the promise to help and love a damaged man and still feel like I failed in the end. Her biggest regret is not that he let her down but that even with all the things she knew about spirituality and the law of attraction she still managed to let herself down. I just left a similar situation and felt all the hurts she talked about. If we can all stop judging for a moment, I’m sure we can relate. Of course I feel sorry for a woman that is hurting no matter if she chose the situation or not. I listened closely and learned many things from Ms Iyanla Vanzant… I’m very grateful for her story and I thank them both.
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