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Dre’s #Breakfastbite.. If someone is falsely accused of murder and had to spend 19 years in prison, should they be automatically compensated? Why or why not? Click to see the full story!


allhailherpersona Of course they should be automatically compensated. Their entire life was just set back and screwed up and they have to start over with re-learning the world, their family, and being without their old friends. At least give them some “we’re sorry” $$ to start them on their way

prettylady1121 Yes they should thats 19 years of their life they will never get back

just_b_n_me_126 Yes they should be compensated because they’ve missed out on a lot. Good job opportunities, family, love ones, life itself

flowsuniquely4u Yes they missed out on life for lack of truly finding the truth. While the actual killer built his life. Had the opportunity to have kids, marry, save for retirement etc

shernitayvette Heck yea pay him his money and take him to dinner

babygirl7275 @drejohnson1 absolutely! Their freedom was taken from them and I’m sure it would be difficult for them to find employment when they get home.

eman3275 I think no because he should have had a good lawyer

coreyharold Yes they should be pay …they loss a good part of there life ..who knows what they could have done with that time on the outside

kwarren1911 Yes, there should be some type of mathematical formula that calculates their potential earnings and multiple it by 10 or just $10M off the break.

blizz40 Definitely. You took 19 yrs of his life, he/she deserves something so they can get their life back in order!

mrs._7 Yes people should be compensated and their record automatically expunged. The States Attorneys office and the city needs to “feel the pain” of not doing their due diligence to ensure they are seeking a conviction for the right criminal. This person will now have to rebuild their life and live down a conviction. It’s sad the world we live in.

Quentonia Damond No doubt. That’s 19yrs behind bars and not being productive..not being able to care for his family..yrs indeed compensate them!!

Djuana AweyouEnvyme Yes,because that person can’t get back that time and they will need it to help blend back in with society after all that time in jail for nothing

Trina Whoelsebutme Selden Oh hell yes! While you can’t make up for the years lost, it’ll make them feel a whole helluva lot better

Tyrice Campbell Absolutely…..they should get the amount per year based on the average salary in their area. The justice system needs to start takin responsibility for their actions.

Kevin Boardley I will ask for proof and pictures

Toiya Best Yes they should, that’s 19 yrs of their life that they can’t make up for. Someone needs to be held accountable for that mistake!!! Gm Dre!!

Nikasha Vinson Not only should they be compensated but given a state job as well as go to school for free. The state took their life the state should give it back

Simon Simon Yes. You don’t know how much income they would have generated while not being locked up. Might not have been millions but they do need to start over and co exist in society.

Vonnie Fatz Long Yes because obviously no one did a proper investigation. Was Stephanie Rawlins his lawyer? Lol

Trina Whoelsebutme Selden Regardless of how much income they ‘would have’ made, they should be compensated for having live in deplorable conditions…MD prisons suck and I know first hand

Sharbett Morton Yes bc they spent all those wasted years in jail for a crime they didn’t do. Hell yes they better get paid for it bc they can’t ever get that time back..

Shawn Manning Yes because society changes over the years.whereas you need a skill or trade to get work it’s harder for them to come home and adjust to the way things are.they may have families to take care of.

MrTerrence Teel Hell yeah!! They have lost precious time and cant get it back at the expense of someone else frackle Nackle!!!

Brandon Easterling Yes indeed. They have missed two decades of providing for loved ones, seeing and being with friends and family, the character slander, and just the sheer mental anguish of biddin everyday when you know you are innocent of the crime.

Shamica Banks Yes definitely

SweetasCaramel Anderson Yes those years lost are gone just like today will be gone tomorrow…

DeeDee Bryan Hell yeah

Brandon Easterling If the state had to allocate annual, monthly, or lump sum money to the falsely incarcerated, the state would be much more careful about who and how they prosecute. But as cheap as the state is; they may also try harder to cover cover-up and stifle situations like these from going public.

Clinton Turn Mannnn hellll yeah I want every penny yall made off me + a million for every year

Shawna Purpose Driven Cheatham Yes Indeed! They should definitely receive abundant financial compensation for their time and the quality of life lost…Housing, Education, and Employment included!!!

Sandra Sykes Yes they should because those years they can’t get back!!!

Quentonia Damond Nikasha I AGREE!!

Dwayne Torain I agree he should be compensated. His life was put on hold because some ones else neglecting to fully investigate all the facts. He should be supplied with housing, job/skills training, and employment as well

Ladiee DimeDiva Mekea Absolutely!

Patricia Ray Definitely agree! They should he had to adapt to a would that has physically and economically changed. How is he gonna get that time back. And morally in the state of MD he will have a very hard time getting a job that was no fault of his own….they should pay!!!


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