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On RHOA this week Phaedra pointed out to Demetria that dating Roger Bob for eight years was too long. I want to know from you — is there an expiration date on dating?

  • I think men need to not rush and take their time when getting married (not saying 15 years lol) but like my Dad always said: “Women are in love with being in love”
  • No! You can be married after 3 months of dating or 3 years and that has no guarantee. It is what the two people in the relationship are comfortable with-you can still have kids without getting married.
  • Most times yes it does.
  • Shouldn’t men and women want more out of life than just a life long dating partner?? What about having kids?? What happens as far as insurance benefits?? When one partner dies….what then? If you’re not married, you’re not getting that life insurance payout. I’m not saying those are reasons to get married, but those things should certainly be considered.
  • Marriage doesn’t bring more benefits ….. it’s just a piece of paper saying your legally bonded ….. there’s no expiration on dating
  • Marriage benefits the woman. I respect marriage, but what are the true benefits of being married as a man?