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Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. What are your thoughts on the Aaliyah Biopic? ‪#‎92qjams‬ ‪#‎baltimore‬ ‪#‎MARYLAND‬ ‪#‎bmore‬ ‪#‎Monday‬


Regina George ‏@ParisMoneyy @DreJohnson1 the #aaliyahMovie was horrible it didn’t represent anything about Aaliyah . F*** @WendyWilliams she just wanted to gossip

Drea ‏@MissypooBrown @DreJohnson1 was not good. Bad acting, did not use none of her music then to top it off the actors was all off.

Kippy McLovin ‏@Tuned_In2Me I think @garywdtea was the only one who likes the #AaliyahMovie @DreJohnson1 That biopic was HORRIBLE.

WhatYou LookingAt Garbage

DoctorRell Illustrious-Bailey The memes on Twitter and Instagram speaks for itself. I hope Wendy Williams has sick leave, and RuPaul can guest host. Lol

Keisha Skipslove It was awful! I couldn’t even watch the whole movie! Missy was skinny Ahhhh… I. Could go on and on the cast was for some one other than Aaliyah because all black people do not look alike!

number1gemini @drejohnson1 it was horrible she deserved better …Wendy Williams should be ashamed of herself !!! GM

thecurvyambassador Everybody involved need to be FIRED! And Lifetime need to be cancelled and tell them stop replaying that bs. After all these years she been gone thats the best they could come up with??? Did u hear Timberland? He was pissed! 😡😠😡😠😡

donantonio73 Was very disappointed@drejohnson1

babygirl7275 It was awful & a waste of money. I can’t believe anyone would approve this movie 4 release. It wasn’t put together well at all & don’t get me started on the actors they chose.

fishtailing_dreadhead Gm Dre, u didn’t miss anything..let’s just say “Snow on the Bluff” was a better movie lol

the_symmetrical_cancer7.20 @drejohnson1 the I really had no idea what I was watching because it was sooooooo horrible! Her family should be embarrassed. It did no justice for Aaliyah!!!! 😞😔

ek4real Str8 str8 trash looks like they didn’t take they time i see why timberland went ham on instgramm crazy

closeuprdy I didn’t see it, but all my timelines were flooded with negative comments and mocking memes. My web series gets way better reviews than this did. Might as well throw my show up on TV #WhereImFrom

bigfredcomedy I see why they fought so hard to push the movie through, and I hated what I saw lol

irock20pearlz Dreckitude! The casting was a disaster and the writing was an atrocity!

victorys1secret Horrible..I fell asleep on it 😯

rhea_redd The casting was not the best. The story was not the best. I feel as though someone could have done a lot better. Overall don’t waste your time watching

iseethebeautyinit Wendy Williams should be ashamed of herself and everyone else involved.

bchennelle I was not impress with the storyline. The actors didn’t portray the real life artists at all. The casting and the story wasn’t believable. I am sorry to say, this was a waste of my time. It was disrespectful to all the artists especially Aaliyah.

thebrandonmurray They should’ve called it Waste Management because it was straight garbage….

drelocs_ It was terrible. I bet Wendy Williams won’t talk about how bad it was. When Aaliyah’s family and missy and timbaland are involved in the real movie then it will be great.

nisha1981 It was a disaster… @drejohnson1 u can’t remake everybody life

its_stephs_world Wack ass movie 👎👎👎👎👎

LBoog ‏@VirgoLadii RKelly was Darkskinned! WTH?!? The family was not behind the project so it was #doomed from the beginning #EpicFail @DreJohnson1



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