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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Are you a fan of online dating? Why or why not? #92qjams #baltimore #MARYLAND #Wednesday @92qjamsbmore


Keisha Henson I have met some really awesome people via social network dated as well as far as being a fan, I wouldn’t say fan but I don’t see nothing wrong with it. It’s like a dating site really

Latia Davis No I’m not a person that date off line especially after I been watching catfish aint bout that life Lol

Deidre Finallylovinme Bryan Nope…..too many nutballs out here for me…

Matthew E. Bradby II ‏@BishopMEB2 @DreJohnson1 No I am not a fan because online dating because of the danger level of not knowing the true person behind the profile.

Dynamic511 ‏@dynamic511 @DreJohnson1 I like it. No different than meeting somebody in person. And while you on the computer you can do a Md. Judicial case search.

Livin Life ‏@authorjcopeland S/O @DreJohnson1 for the follow. Ain’t no one got time for online dating… it’s like shopping for a serial killer

Suezan Vaughn ‏@Dancinchicka23 @DreJohnson1 I’m a fan! My dad used match and my stepmom couldn’t be more perfect for him! I love her! She’s the best.

✨Kippy✨ ‏@Tuned_In2Me @DreJohnson1 to each it’s own but I never tried it. However you can find love, go for it. Gotta watch out for catfishers tho

Harold Jenkins ‏@HAJ3RD Gm @DreJohnson1 HELL NO, watch catfish that stuff is real smh lmao

truck404kid No because u don’t kno tht person from Adam from behind a computer screen @drejohnson1

djay_amazin @drejohnson1 not at all because Instagram lie look good online and trash in person they used a good filter lol

whthershey209 Yes I am but u gotta watch out for the crazies…I met someone online and we dated 2 yrs offline. So u never know

whthershey209 And watch out for catfish

djbunk1058_wb @drejohnson1 nope people are fakers, put on for in-line and u see someone else in the street… GM dre

riecyspieces Met my husband of 7 years on Blackplanet, so yes; I’m a fan, lol!


babyface_byrd With today’s pace of men and woman always on the go online dating sites has became the #1 place or tool for meeting people. Even in person you don’t know who you will get when you take them home everyone has two faces and online doesn’t change that. I met my current wife online and we are still together strong. So yes I’m a fine.

mizz_ferrell1 @drejohnson1 that’s how I met my husband on MySpace 6 years ago in my teenage years djm😩😳😳😂😝😝

theceo Everyone has such busy lives that sometimes you have to look into other options. Protect yourself of course but I don’t see anything wrong with it

jpjp1983 Pictures lie 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 its not good

desi4018 Naa. Not really. Good for lookin. But it doesn’t make a good story for your children. “I logged on to face book…and there was your mother…twerkin at Ritas With her gut out..”

b3aut3 @desi4018 lmao…… @drejohnson1 I don’t think it is there are all kinds of creepzillas out there lerkin

yummymoody I believe it is just like blind dating you never know what you get into its in front of your face. If you can buy a product off of the internet then you can search for love. It’s all the same going into something blindsided. Who’s to say the item that you ‘re buying is legit. what might be right for someone may not be right for you.don’t knock it until you try it


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