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We can Honestly say that SXSW has been super crazy since the festival started, with Tyler The Creator starting a riot too Lady Gaga having a fan throw up on her it been pretty intense to say the least. Rapper B.O.B also was down for the party it seems like.

                                    B.O.B Featuring Future “Ready”! [OFFICIAL VIDEO, POLL]


The ATLien crashed through the yahoo show this week and was rewarded with a fans lighter for his troubles. Bobby Ray AKA B.O.B was the guest of honor for the hottest rapper show in SXSW, including Nas’ Illmatic warm up and Brisk Bodega all-star bash.

Does B.o.B Think His Street Album Will Scare Away His White Audience? [EXCLUSIVE |

B.o.B entertained with hits of days past and his latest album Underground Luxury, before working up a feverish sweat.

                       B.O.B Ft Nicki Minaj “Out Of My Mind” [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

Instead of calling it quits, a fan assisted Bobby with a well-photographed smoke break, without a blip from security. SXSW tends to be one of the most liberal festivals in the nation so these things are expected to happen.

bobby smoking

bobby 2

bobby 3

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