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We have all had a moment in a relationship where we just lost it! A woman lost it recently in California when she confronted her husband’s mistress with a bulhorn and the word “whore” all day outside of the mistresses home.  The mistress was singer Marc Anthony’s ex-wife Dayannara Torres and it was so bad that she moved out of her million dollar mansion and into a small apartment to get away from the wife.

Tell me about the time you lost it for love……

  • I knew he had a seafood allergy and I rubbed his steering wheel and car seat with crab shells. he broke out in hives by the time he got to the office. He learned not to lie to me after that.
  • Discovered that his other women were listed in his phone under different colors. I sent a group text from his phone to all of them introducing them to one another and some select screen shots of his sexy conversations.
  • I went to the girl house my ex fiance was over, and he denied being with me.  So I hit him in the head a couple of times with a bat so he could remember.
  • When I caught my ex at another female house I started yelling outside cause I didn’t know which apartment she lived in. Threw paint on both of their cars.