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kim k and game

As we previously reported, rapper “The Game” dropped a bombshell on interviewers the other day when he was asked if he was getting it in with Khloe Kardashian and he denied the rumor…but then did admit that he used to date Kim Kardashian a few years back.

While Game at no point said anything like “Yeah Kim gave it to me” he did make it sound as if they were a real…shall we say..couple.

Well TMZ did some digging and they discovered that Game was in fact featured on that Ray J song called “I HIT IT FIRST“.

TMZ obtained an early demo of Ray J’s infamous song and it turns out Game was originally featured on the track…and given what we know now…. it does sort of  sound like he’s rapping about hooking up with Kim. Take a listen to his verse below!



Game seems to make reference to Kim’s store “Dash” and says he’ll show people how to really “drive that ghost”. (Kim is known for driving her Rolls Royce Ghost.)

We have to say…it was bad enough to have a song with one guy on it saying he got it first…but a song with TWO guys saying they got it first…yeah…that’s a tad bit trifeling no?



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