Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Do you think Zimmerman is getting to much attention over the boxing match with DMX? Explain why? #92qjams. #baltimore. #Maryland

Vernon Branch When did he become a.celeberty

Jermaine Townes No body should b fightin him…. we makin him a celebrity… fightin him keeps him relevant….he’s a murderer of a kid!!! Please don’t give him that…..

Latisha Crowder He should fall off the face of earth , let him fight the pitts of hell !

Patricia Ma Ma Johnson Umm i hope dmx beat the breaks off this man. But seriously it shouldnt be even happening! He killed a child and to me thats adding insult to injury! He is not a celebrity!

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Sugar Hill Makes my blood boil, seeing that this FAT BASTARD MURDERER is being viewed as a “celebrity”! Would be a slap in the face, amongst other things, if he had killed my son…… #SICKENING

Tyronda Smith Yes he is getting too much publicity n for what… hes a murderer… they should be concentrating of Trayvon Martin’s family… RIP Trayvon.. n DMX probably need the money but he can fight someone else

Chrissy Collins I just wanna see him get that ass beat. Make sure he sign a waiver so he can’t sue

Red Butterfly‏@TaheeraAbdullah @DreJohnson1 I think so. Its wrong on every end. They need to let the young man father fight his ass.

Brit‏@BettertobeB·@DreJohnson1 #breakfastbite Yes!!! If you purchase the fight you are therefore supporting Zimmerman e

Dynamic511‏@dynamic511 @DreJohnson1 yes, he is. Only thing I want to hear about him is: GEORGE ZIMMERMAN DEAD. Nobody should even entertain him. RIP Tayvon.

Free Jackson‏@MsFreeza @DreJohnson1 yes!! Stop talking about him!! I normally don’t cuss on Thursday, but let his b*tch a$$ die SLOW!! Stop making him famous.

larri alston‏@larrialston @DreJohnson1 Don’t support violence*It’s a spectacle! #Zimmerman has right 2 get his #butt kicked but my attention is on #Trayvon’s fam✌

Burgh Man!‏@steelcityrep73 @DreJohnson1 Now we know how white people felt about O.J. Damn shame he’s even getting this much publicity!

Vonnie Fatz Long Yes but I think it’s an ass whooping he needs to get.

MayyaLuv Her KidsnJerrell Majid Forget the attention he is gonna make money off it thy he don’t deserve he is no celebrity he’s a cold hearted killer

Brooklyn Brooks-Harlee Gm. I do believe he’s getting 2 much attention. He’s gotten enuff publicity with the Trayvon Martin trial. Yeah he deserves the ass whipping, but i don’t think DMX is gonna be the 1 to give it 2 him.

Tasha Cantbeduplicated Rucker What I think is Zimmerman betta have some heavy security around that ring to break it up bcuz he goin up against a dude that give 2 rats u know what about jail let alone taking a life.

tru3_ston3ri think so homie its like the media trying to keep the chump relevant smh gd morning bro @drejohnson1

misslenajames He is not a celebrity

caramelcutie_05 Yes he is. Basically it’s like they are condoning what he did. It’s nonsense. He’s a celebrity for killing someone’s kid and getting off for it. That’s nonsense. A boxing match. Oh so he trains as a boxer but his only option with Trayvon Martin was to shoot him. Yeah right a whole bunch of bull.

misslenajames It’s sick how he it has become acceptable for him to keep attacking and making a mockery of black people. The media needs to just shut the chump down.

dashawnsimone Why is he famous for murder. And dmx why? Is dmx in shape for a fight?

sheiztrouble I hate that this man can get a headline! Why are we entertaining ANY stunt from him? He needs to be ignored so that he can fade to black! As long as there is a massive response he will continue to use this attention ( undeserved fame ) to attempt to remain relevant! 😡

megashawn …but what if Zimmerman wins tho… imagine, Smh @drejohnson1

ill_est_chic Yes

unda6_yoko Funny this dude is willing to fight a grown man but apparently couldnt defend himself against a teenager

beauty2_life I think he is. I also think its disrespectful to trayvons Martin family and any one else who has lost a love one due to being murdered. We can’t get him to be found guilty and hold him accountable for his actions but we can pay him to fight. Get the fuck out of here. People are entertaining the work of the devil. Where does the nonsense stop and justice start. @drejohnson1

dmills_81 Most deff!! When did killin a young boy in cold blood make u a celebrity?!? #DatShitCray

iimnikoa He’s just asking for a death wish…. #early

murkskyhigh Waay too much attention. I think its sad that he’s basically become a celebrity for murdering an innocent child. Some world we live in smh.

keyiana1983Zimmerman is a damn clown! He shouldn’t be getting ANY attention from nobody unless it’s over the jail & they whipping his ass! He’s an idiot trying to be relevant but he’s a non factor & folks should not under no circumstances entertain his simple ass! GM Dre @drejohnson1

watchcelsius It’s crazy he fit enough to box DMX but wasn’t fit enough to defend himself against a teenager

sumthing_bout_kort@drejohnson1 why is this worthless bastard even considered a celebrity??? are they really serious with that he took someone’s live “oh we’re celebrating ish like that now?? I just don’t understand “we must do better”….. Btw GM Drè

rell_ambitions2100 Nope forget about attention …. naw matter of fact its GOOD PUBLICATION because DMX is going to give him some MUCH NEEDED ass KICKING MEDICATION @drejohnson1

fayce_inc35 Please everyone sign the petition on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!””””!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fayce_inc35 Stop this madness !!!

fayce_inc35  George Zimmerman is NO celebrity! Hes gotten off free with killing another human being. Do not give him this attention!

phhorsey He is getting to much attention . How is he a celebrity I think it’s a smack in Trayvons parents face . Everybody that tune in or even advertise is just putting $$$ in Trayvons killer pockets as much as I would love to see some whip that a$$ I won’t be watching

dj_white_hot Like others have said, why is he considered a celebrity? He’s a criminal that walked on a loophole. Idk what the production company is thinking. And like one of the other comments said, he felt threatened by a child smaller than him, what’s gonna happen when x steps in the ring?

shonta_bird@drejohnson1 . On a serious note. Why are we even entertaining this chump Zimmerman. Why should he even get a celebrity title. I’m just not feeling that

mickmickisback Way too much attention….they need to leave him in the miserable life he exists in @drejohnson1

lite_brite77 Yes.. and don’t think he deserves to be called a celebrity. He kills someone and gets to be called a celebrity, where I come from …..that’s a murderer @drejohnson1

im_just_quan He’s always gonna be know for the guy who got off on killing a kid however we as a people should not entertain him or refer to him as a celebrity of any sort just a murderer who beat a broken ass system and dmx should be somewhere getting some help send Zimmerman ass to jail and let him fight somebody In there @drejohnson1

living_lovin13@drejohnson1 GM, real answer is how come he couldn’t hand fight instead of pulling a gun on Trayvon,smh… This world is corrupt & ppl Luv to keep entertaining things like this

ayyyeee_nette I wish he case can be re open. For the simple fact that. He so claim he couldn’t fight off Travyon. He was scared. But he want to fight a grown man. Who is heavier then Trayvon. Since he is bigger and bad . Have him to fight a train fighter

5_joe I think they should let Tracy Martin fight against him.

jamesthegreat 1 No good will come out of this! We really shouldn’t even talk about it!

shonta_bird My friend said let him fight a professional. Like Mike Tyson, to go to work on that body. I still dont like it

rokkstarrlyfe It’s a shame to see our people shame themselves by even feeding into letting a crackhead fight a murderer that couldn’t even fight a 17 year old without a gun

erybody_hates_cris  I think this fight is ridiculous, I think it’s disrespectful and an insult to the Martin family, George Zimmerman doesn’t deserve an ounce more attention or publicity from the US public let alone a pay per view spot or money, people are so busy talking about this fight nobody wished that young man a Happy Birthday Yesterday #17Forever #YoungBlackandUnarmed #WeAreNotOurHoodies

nicky_sweet_  Please people sign the petition and encourage other’s to sign it to stop this fight go to @drejohnson1

the_resume_king  DMX of 2005 but not DMX today. Sad but Zimmerman would probably win because DMX needs extended rehab.


Will You Sign The Petition To Stop The Zimmerman Fight? [Poll]

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