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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. What are your thoughts about President Obama taking a selfie with foreign dignitaries at the memorial for Nelson Mandela? #92qjams #baltimore #maryland #Wednesday ##bmore

Helen Washington‏@LynnWashington @DreJohnson1 I hate the fact that more focus was on the picture and not he speech, which was PHENOMENAL!! Good morning honey

iamnaenae Michelle’s look says it all lol @drejohnson1

brucemanorz_kuntry@drejohnson1 the question should be what does Michelle think cuz she looks pissed

uniquely_1me What was First Lady thinking is the question, y’all just have to admit the president is just use to a normal life at the end of the day. & isn’t gonna change because he is in office but retains utmost respect for.

styleandgrace25 Lol Michelle was heated!! Her facial expressions said it all..

ravensdfens It’s no harm or foul but Michelle better brighten up before Barack goes president Fitzgerald from scandal on her and get him an Olivia pope white girl edition lol

daveth3king This is 2013 people should get with the program

snikk_davis@drejohnson1 smh horrible

baltimoresfinest_autoclub@drejohnson1 he’s human fam let him live sheesh good morning

whthershey209  Just shows he’s human like everyone else and down to earth. Who wants a stuck up president? We are in 2013 not 1923

shoutnjohn Looking at Michelle Obama, I just don’t think so

tattedup_chargerboy@drejohnson1 wassup bro man its 2013 ppl need to get over it lol but 1st lady face is #PRICELESS gm big homie

irock20pearlz If you look at African culture overall, they celebrate life at funerals and they aren’t all sad, crying, and depressed as Americans are. They were celebrating 95 years of life. So it was a good time.

hahayeahaight It ain’t a selfie since other people are in the picture but yeah…the look on Michelle’s face though #guaranteedhegotnonethatnight

missurbanfetish@drejohnson1 I don’t see anything wrong with taking a photo at a funeral. They were there to celebrate life! #Breakfastbite #NelsonMandela #ShowinLuvfromNYC

gucci_sugar1 I think it’s cool!! It’s my bday luv!!!!

hotsauze128 It WAS a celebration & ALL of the dignitaries WERE GETTING ALONG !!! TOO bad its NOT like that ALL OF THE TIME !!!!!

tammyp2003 Heck we do it and you know if you were sitting next to him you would have asked too

tothebreakofdawn who cares?!! whats the big deal?? He is not a tightass like former presidents but is down to earth & relatable. so sick of ppl critiquing him on everything! damn.

Free Jackson‏@MsFreeza @DreJohnson1 please…leave that man alone! People have something to say about every move he makes

Lady Taurus‏@ThickDiva428 @DreJohnson1 what is the big deal, everyone takes selfies!!! They just want to find anything to mess with him about.

DJDeeLamont‏@DJDeeLamont @DreJohnson1 it was a long day so I don’t see the problem… But what he SHOULD be worried about is that death state Michelle put on DatAss

Vernon Branch I have no problem with that

Keisha Henson It shows that we are all Human but also shows a lack of respect for the reason he was there. If u look at Michelle’s face she looks serious while her husband cutting up

Ki Ki Brown No telling what was really happening. The picture could be saying something totally different then what was actually going on. He was being himself and granting a request. That’s so Obama! Michelle wasn’t pissed but probably paying attention to the service.

Pinney MarionRaisedme Lowe Lol BUT look at The 1st Lady’s face! OMG priceless!

Pat Bush-Johnson It could have been before the services started or it could have been boring. We dont know. People will do anything to discredit the president.

Chereese Barrett Who cares it’s his business. It’s not that big of a deal. He did it and it can’t be changed. It’s more important things to worry about then him taking pictures.

Dominic Day Sr. There iz nothing wrong with it, it’s better than there is politicians that get caught doing the worst & it gets push 2 da side so I say do da thing Prez

Kathy Eccles He human

Tanisha Perry He’s Aight w/ Me, STOP Being So Uptight Everyone Who Has A Problem w/ This Pic…It’s Just Like Regular People When They Take Selfies w/ People They Haven’t Seen In A While At Peoples Funerals (i.e. Grandma, Aunt, Uncle, Homeboy, etc.) and once outta the church or funeral home they upload the pics onto their Social Network Sites!!

Darren TheIronman Mcdonald Jr. Mixed

Justin Marksman Brown I hope it was a good pic. Those are my thoughts.

Denita Adams  Hey selfie are the best pic . It was a long day for him just trying to lighting up the situation. But dam while he taken a selfie he should have been looking at wifey.

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