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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Ravens -vs- Steelers Thanksgiving night at M&T. What are your score predictions? #92qjams #ravensnation #baltimore #bmore #maryland

Latia Davis · 30_27 ravens win

Pat Bush-Johnson 17-21ravens!

Tonya BettergetyouOne Scott 9-21 ravens all the way!!!!

Jermaine Townes 20-17 Purple city over that other team..Suggs get 3sacks

D-NASTY‏@platnumtonge @DreJohnson1 Gm big bro I dont know too much about the score…as long as we back’em up and send’em back home with a L DEFEND THIS HOUSE

Dynamic511‏@dynamic511 @DreJohnson1 Ravens 17 – Steelers 7

Toiya Best‏@ThickDiva428 @DreJohnson1 24-10 Ravens! Gm Dre! Gobble Gobble! Lol

D.King‏@thisisdking @DreJohnson1 20-17 Ravens. @jtuck9 hits the game winning field goal on the last possession of the game.

✨iimaginary✨‏@KeepSayingJazzi @DreJohnson1 It could go either way but the #Ravens re going to come out on top 27-21

DaBoyChuckNasty‏@ChucksNastyx102 @DreJohnson1 it’s gon be a good game, a tough game but #BigBen cant handle our defensive front so theyll be on his a$$. #RavensNation Gm bro

MedB‏@412MedB @DreJohnson1 Steelers give Ratbird fans another reason 2 hate Flacco…20-17 Steelers… after late Interception by NOT so cool Joe!

Andre Da’Giant ™‏@AndreDaGiant410 @DreJohnson1 I got the Ravens goin 24 -17 against the Steelers Thursday.

Mount -N- Dew‏@HrmLssFlirt @DreJohnson1 I’m just praying that we win man. Gm boo.

bad_meaning_good109 Predictions or prayers???? 49-3 Steelers! After the way my Jets lost I’m a tad bit salty @drejohnson1

tattedup_chargerboy@drejohnson1 ravens all day big homie you already know and im saying 27 – 13 of course ravens for the win gm to the whole morning crew at 92q

darnel_33ross Ravens 27-14

dcott10@drejohnson1 24-10. Our defense is on point right now and I think flaccid has a great game.

flowsuniquely4u Im going 21-20 Ravens..one the Ravens home…two its a Steelers game one if best known rival games and three the ravens lost the first game so they are bound to come back & let Big Ben go home with an L.

natethedriverfields 23-21 Ravens

corey1ravens52@drejohnson1 17-14 close game. Good defense. Suggs start to shine again. Rice gets back on track. !!!!

mr_fts 21-17 #STEELERSNATION @drejohnson1

sks_temptation Ravens 17 steelers 10…..ravens nation!!! @drejohnson1

mstmonterro@mr_fts is delusional……#Ravennation

caddydadon 17 -14 RAVENS … #birdlife @drejohnson1

gentleman_brooks 17-14 steelers

dashawnsimone We better win or I predict a pissed of Ravens Nation. @drejohnson1

sexyredd0120-17 Ravens

the_zulu_digital What 49-10 ravens wins

hey_pachuco_hey It’s gonna be close but our #Ravens got this 24-21. It’s gonna be a game of field goals

ms_sephes 120-3 Steelers @drejohnson1

jazziiii_ It could really go either way but #Ravens are going to come out on top. 27-21

wiz_otis 24-6 ravens

sports_swag_1 Watch my boys work #ravens 27 #steelers 13. Let’s Get it!

the_zulu_digital To all the steelers fans yall not gonna never win in M&T

sports_swag_1@wiz_otis  I can see that happening no doubt! The bank will be rockin

bosslady_msleah 12 to 16 Steelers i put my whole check on my boys

justiffmaire 21-21 with a nail biting overtime fight

tykaiya82 The Steelers has beat yall @ m&t so don’t get to happy us Steelers we rock get readybecause we coming

peachy_tyrice ALOT TO A LIL BIT… #RavensNation

sports_swag_1 Show me then money @bosslady_msleah

chuck_taylor8 24-17 Ravens sorry @mr_fts #RAVENSNATION BROVA

tattedup_chargerboy These squealers fans on this post need to come get this rope i got and hang theyself #aintnobodygotTIMEFORTHAT #ravenation #respectYOURCURRENTchamps

phyniteent Kick#a** Steelers #a**kicked..

bchennelle My daughters is a Steelers & we are Ravens Fans!

killakabonline {good morning} 23-17 Ravens …. We need this game (WHAT TIME IS IT)

chicdadiva@drejohnson1 Ravens vs. Steelers the correct way

mr_fts Lol we got y’all covered… 2marrow


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