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The Baltimore Ravens go to Cleveland and loses 24-18. This marks the 1st time the Browns have beat the Ravens in 11 years. Click to read more!

Dre’s #breakfastbite.. The Ravens have lost three straight games. What do you think the problem is? #92qjams #ravensnation #Baltimore #Maryland #bmore #Monday

Mount -N- Dew ‏@HrmLssFlirt @DreJohnson1 I think we have good players we just don’t execute plays well. And some of the play calling is questionable. Our run game sucks

Rebecca Phillips ‏@ladybooker3 @DreJohnson1 @jamesthegreat1  The Owners are the problem. They’re running this team in the ground. W/ coaching and trades.

DJDeeLamont ‏@DJDeeLamont@DreJohnson1 not a ravens fan but y’all miss Anquan & Pita and your O line is terrible.

Toiya Best ‏@ThickDiva428 @DreJohnson1 Everything is wrong!! Mr 120 million dollars is not proving he’s worth that money! Run game is horrible! I’m just disgusted! Gm

Marcel™ ‏@king_phoenix410 @DreJohnson1 Flacco is the main reason! Too much money for an overrated QB.

Helen Washington ‏@LynnWashington @DreJohnson1 Good question. All I know is we need to fix it fast! How do we go from Super Bowl champs to THIS?? Good morning honey bun!

Matthew E. Bradby II ‏@BishopBradbee @DreJohnson1 GM the problem is the coaching staff refusing to change and admitting that zone blocking is killing us…no run game

Brit ‏@BettertobeB @DreJohnson1 #breakfastbite same thing that’s going on with my Steelers smh #next season needs to hurry up.

WestSide_Mugz ‏@MugzGotti @DreJohnson1 Sit flacco Start Tyrod Taylor , flacco know even if he mess up the team still ain’t going to bench him , so sit him , let him think.

larri alston ‏@larrialston @DreJohnson1 We’re just off—incomplete passes, QB getting sacked, morale is low/no team leader has emerged but u have a terrific #Monday😊

Cornell JiveTurkey Willis We sacrificed alot of talent to sign Flacco… This is the fruit of his greed!

Tanisha Perry Coaching

Bruce Leroy They didn’t do a good job. Hey Floyd mayweather is still undefeated.

Elliott Simon The offense and d backs. The owner needs to go hard and say either you play or I cut your pay. Lol

Sara Onmybestbs Jenkins They should have kept the REAL players and get rid of flacco…or make him give some of that money back and take one for the team

Eric Hockaday Jr Lmao next week should be fun Dre

Marcus Ah Simpkins Bad play design coaching flacco doesn’t know how to step up in the pocket the o line sucks no defined leader on defense ray rice playing like a marshmallow receivers are great route runners and yeah flacco shoulda took a little less money to sign bouldin period.

Jemar Jerry McCoy Lack of focus , realization that they’re defending world champions and someone to rally and livin up their spirits .

Shawn Holly They change the way we run block and with no running game there is no play actions. Flacco is not that kind of QB so what we see is a result of coaching and hiring a bad coach, we have Philly old OL coach.

Pat Bush-Johnson Flacco contract has hurt us. His inconsistency is killing us. Oher needs to go and if ray rice is not producing he is gonna end up like Jamal Lewis. That offensive line is horrible and Harbough needs to stop hiring his friends!

Lakisha Harris They paid Flacco 120 million to Make the ravens look bad it all makes sense #GO COWBOYS LMAO

Gordon Morton O line, especially at center.

whthershey209 F*%#ing flacco, offense , they are just a mess. GM dre

bratty_baker The problem is they let some key players go and gave Flacco too much dang money….smh

djbunk1058@drejohnson1 love my team but we stink

daveth3king Could be the overpaid quarterback, could be the rookie receivers, could be the lack of Ray Lewis’ motivational speeches lol

certifiedswaggin The have no clear leaders they let them all go to keep Flacco so no Bolden, Ed Reed & Ray retired.

lov_in_me Giving flacco too much money and we lost alot of good players.

shannysoextra The Ravens issue is they can’t run the ball and they give up too many big plays on defense.

nuped_ya_chick5 Overpaid Flacco and let go of Boldin who is #Mr.Clutch cause he always saved them and took them to the big game.

tothebreakofdawn Flacco, offensive line…! Its painful to watch #willsomeonetellhimtostophandingtheballofftorice

iambigskiptheceo Most of all they lack on field leadership!!! Flacco is a playoff quarterback and he now has no Bouldin to make him look good. 120 million dollar man….NOTTTT!!!!

ericwilson35 Not enough leadership.

melissrenee The Ravens lack Leadership, we have a “New” team now-they have to learn each other all over again!

forever_a_lovely_cancer@drejohnson1 they let go a lot of the key players and flacco was over paid and he is a bum!!!!! We need our keys back!!!!!!!!!!

ladydrummond The problem is everybody. They let all yall damn good playas go and let that Ring get to there head. Smh

dmills_81O Line is TERRIBLE!

losetowinagain STOP SAYING FLACCO, its the O-Line ….. Flacco is a good qb yesterday was his first game ever calling his own plays

mickmickisback Our running game & O-line sucks…need to get them together immediately @drejohnson1

ramonelyles@drejohnson1 , preseason game it was tyrod doing good not flacco and every body thought they was going to make it, yall dont have only one good WR who yall burn out and as for ray rice smh

coreyharold Offensive line…..if people pay attention its not all flacco. Rice can run or the other guy

1dogmanPaid all that money for a inconsistent qb and sacrificed a good team, bench Flaccoo put Tyrod in.

easldrI hate to say it but the boy ray rice has done nothing this year running or blocking for flacco. The offensive line is terrible.

tuhirmusic1 Problem is the offensive line. It cripples the running game, makes Flacco a non factor, takes away the passing game and receivers which leaves you with no offense.

mz_naturality@1dogman I agree, Flacco is never consistent and the offense/defense is struggling.

yourfavoriteolivia What’s NOT wrong?? They need to clean house! From the bottom to the top! I mean, who waits to win the Super Bowl to get rid of all if the key players who helped them get there? 😳 but I won’t go there. I’ve already given the ravens more energy in this reply than they have given their fans all season. Smh!

dtwilsonsr No offence of line at all.

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