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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. What’s your favorite horror movie? #92qjams #baltimore # Halloween #bmore #Wednesday

Latisha Crowder Halloween

Jermaine Townes Michael Myers Iz tha best flat out…

Dominic Day Sr. The Omen( the very 1st 1) & all the Saws

Johnknee Selby As a kid it would been Exorcist 1973… and fire in thr sky. Lol mugshott

Tasha Smith The excorsis still scare the ish outta my ass and that movie came out when I was a little girl

Charles Smith The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Dani- Renee‏@danilovinmylocs @DreJohnson1 the Elm Street series. Freddie was serious.

Erica H‏@Enhan100 @DreJohnson1 their gonna laugh at you… I’m still scared of ” CARRIE”

Free Jackson‏@MsFreeza @DreJohnson1 nightmare on elm street – all of them. When I was little I used to pretend I was kickin Freddie’s ass!!! Lol

Dale Brown‏@Jesus_dinero @DreJohnson1 12 years a slave, a real horror movie on so many different levels, showcases how man is the real evil not ghost and monster

Ricky James™‏@dickyjames @DreJohnson1 The Strangers. GM yo

Mount -N- Dew‏@HrmLssFlirt @DreJohnson1 was never a horror movie fan. But I think the Scream movies and final destinations are hilarious. Lol. Gm boo

Chanelle Williams‏@ChanelleNell @DreJohnson1 The exorcist … I still get goose bumps

larri alston‏@larrialston @DreJohnson1 Swamp Thing, have a spooktacular day👻👺🔱

imperfectlyphoenix All the Freddy movies, and recently that movie called Mama, very creepy

boogie_thegr8 IT!!! THE REASON I HA8 CLOWNS…GM DRE

bjaysamazing82# FreddyKruger Nightmare On Elm St. All time Favorite

1misscnnI spit on your grave!!!!! ;)

whthershey209 Nightmare on elm street. Love Freddy Kruger Goodmorning dre and James

mr_september11th@drejohnson1 Child’s Play, Chuckie was the truth. He had me nervous when I was young, because I had a white my buddy doll

ravensdfens MY NINJA #CHUCKY

bratty_baker The Grudge with that girl climbing on the ceiling!!! Omg

1misscnn Ok. It’s my fav. Maybe not so much horror, but a great watch lol #CANDYMAN then.. he scared the hell out of me ;)

mr_fts Hellraiser …. @drejohnson1

mrscrane_  Nightmare on Elm St.

chuck_taylor81 Killer clowns from outer space

nodramaclint83@drejohnson1 28 days later #dopemovie

justmeh20 When Darkness Falls @drejohnson1

shawnta_nicole@drejohnson1 PRECIOUS! 😂

jusmikecoat The exorcist

mal_88J aniya wyatt movie. This was the best one so far. My daughter birthday movie. Whoop whoop

lov3ly_sag1127 Child’s play, insidious, Halloween, nightmare on elm street, scream