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Outside of racing and NASCAR, who is Darrell Wallace Jr.?

Who is Darrell Wallace Jr.? He’s some kid that likes to race, have a good time, and enjoy life. I’m big into photography and I’m just a really laid back person. It takes a lot to get me excited. That’s why I think this win hasn’t hit me yet. It’s just how I go about things, you know. Just take it day-by-day and just have fun with it. That’s the biggest thing–to have fun with whatever you’re doing.

What do you think NASCAR and the sport of racing can do to appeal to more African-Americans?

Hopefully, this win will bring in more African-Americans. I got my name out there and it showed the different markets of America that I’m in it and in it for the long haul. I’m trying to win and I need some support. If we can get people to watch it on television, they will probably get the urge to see it in person. It’s a totally different experience being there than watching it on television. If we get Black people to do that, then the kids will start joining in and try to compete also.

What would you say to the person who’s interested in racing, but isn’t sure how to get involved?

It does take a lot. I always say it’s easier to go pick up a basketball or a football at your local sporting store than it is to go buy a go kart. Racing is very expensive, but it’s also the toughest sport I’ve ever been in.

It has more downs than up. The cup guys on Sundays–they get 36 races out of the whole year. The good ones will win six or seven out of those 36. That’s not even half. That sounds pretty horrible compared to basketball where you get 86 games in the NBA and the Heat will win like 60. That sounds better, but only having a smaller number of races make the wins that much sweeter.

Who did you look up to when you first started racing? Who were the drivers you saw and said, “I wanna be like that!”

I’ve never been like that. I’ve never been the one to say, “Man, I wanna be just like him.” I just kinda went at it on my own. It was just me and my dad at the race track and we just kinda went at it and had fun. But I never watched races and thought, “I’m gonna do exactly what he did.” We just went out and did the best we could. That’s how I am still to this day. I don’t like going up to people and asking them for advice. That’s never been my mentality. I just go at it on my own. Sometimes, that’s hurts me but other times you can take that credit for going at it on your own and getting it on your own.

Where do you see yourself in five to ten years?

Hopefully, I’ll be a cup champion in ten years. It’s all about taking the right steps at the right times. God has my life in His hands so however he lays it out is how we’re going do it. That’s just how I’ve been raised.


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