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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Name 2 things that annoy you? #92qjams #BALTIMORE #MARYLAND #BMORE #Wednesday

Anaiya TheCreative Bad attitude, poor hygiene!!

Leana Butler Liars & sarcastic ppl who can’t take sarcasm.

Rick Tyler Gm my brother ……#1 people who lie for no reason at all #2 people who think they know everything

Donald Smoot people driving 5 mile a hour when u got a fire truck or ambo with sa lights on and ravens players playing butter fingers

Tatted Thick Mickey Lucas When people make noise when they eat and bad hygiene

Yvonne Artis Ppl who try to talk overtop of you, and ppl who Stare….so freak’n Rude!!

Anthony Baker People who can’t drive and steelers fan that can’t stop talking about there 20th century superbowl rings.

Danielle Love N Liveformy Kids A dumb female…n a crying baby that wnt stop crying geeeesh…those 2 things right there just grinds my gears…4REAL!

_foreverjones When somebody is behind me without me knowing & when keep asking the question over & over again

lovlivfreeLurkers and non educated know it alls

tattedup_chargerboy @drejohnson morning breath and deerbras lol gm big homie

hortonboy86 Disrespectful women and Horrible Bosses

meech528 Chicken heads & ugly attitudes

luvmesomekenny When men leave the damn toilet seats up and turning lights on during the day!! GM Dre

jptrintaylor Bums.  Dude’s that ack like females

urdr3amgirl When someone keeps asking u the same question over and over. Ppl who think they are always right when they not

baltimoresfinest_autoclub @drejohnson1 port-a-pottys and women with stinky arm pits lol gm family

mrscookie73 @a man that always bragging/lying & a dumb female who falls for it

marti_kia when people thinks it’s ok to smack gum in someone’s face while they are talking

mickmickisback Dumb ass drivers & coworkers playing incompetent. …maybe their not really playing

long_live_vito1 . Fake people. 2. People that know errthing. Just irks my nerves to the core. @drejohnson1

imperfectlyphoenix Funky ass people!! It’s early in the morning ur day hasn’t started, why u smell like three days ago!! Gag! Brown nosers! Excuse me u have some brown poo right there above ur lip sir! Ugh

venus_skyy Drivers & pedestrians

xo_kaylahick sPeople scraping their teeth on the fork when they eat. And when people when act too silly @drejohnson1

xo_kaylahicksAhh  scratch the second when!! My bad!!!! @drejohnson1

yourfavoriteolivia PARTY PROMOTERS! Like c’mon son….do you have ANYTHING else to say besides “ur birthday this month?” Oh, and kitten heels…

forever_a_lovely_cancer @drejohnson1 stupid drivers and irritating coworkers just to name two. Oh but there are more.

yourfavoriteolivia And have a good day Dre!!! @drejohnson1

bams_boo People who begs alllll the time & parents swagged up & children look like 💩

ashleybrewton @drejohnson1@drejohnson1@drejohnson1 People who scrape their plate squeaky clean, and people who lie for no reason!!

bosslady_msleah My son after I show and tell him how to do his homework and when u in line behind someone and they like let me get ummmm wth lmbo @drejohnson1

nodramaclint83 Hearing a track I thought was future but was rich home quan tall ppl who can’t hoop lol @drejohnson1

dollbaby_hipsfordays3 @drejohnson1 people that drive slow and an 2 faced friend like keep it 💯

mr_fts @drejohnson1 ppl with that HUNGRY BREATH & ppl who DON’T WAVE OR SAY THX after u let them over… #lol

bigpres375 People thay don’t mind their business and men that gossip more than woman! #instantfail @ drejohnson1

allegra1026 When you hold the door for somebody & they keep going without saying thank you smh

mrswash2012 Republicans and the Tea party @drejohnson1#Endgovernmentshutdown

zhuzhu_415 @drejohnson1 phoney people and ratchet people

phhorsey When I check out at cash register I pay for whatever & they give my change to my lady & when I’m sitting at a red light & one of those car club dudes pull up with the speakers outside the car

kryss_10 Liars and Dead beat parents…ughhhhh!