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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. When do you think the government shutdown will be over? this week.. next week.. Don’t know? #92qjams #baltimore#MARYLAND #tuesday

Helen Washington‏@LynnWashington @DreJohnson1 Good morning honey bun. Doesn’t look like an end is in sight for this government shut down. It’s unfortunate they can’t agree!

Dani- Renee‏@danilovinmylocs @DreJohnson1 I think it’ll be at least another week or two. They won’t even call for a vote.

Toiya Best‏@ThickDiva428 @DreJohnson1 Who really knows but they need to hurry the heck up! They are playing with people’s lives. It’s just ridiculous! Gm Dre!

Larry Wallace the cab driver say the government shutdown will last 7 more days.

tattedup_chargerboy it need to be over asap im tired of ppl who wasnt doing nothing productive before it shutdown complaining @drejohnson1 gm tho fam

bratty_baker@drejohnson1 I honestly don’t know. What I do know is 17 yrs ago was not this bad. We, essential persons, are beyond frustrated. We are doing our best to provide service to the public but not knowing when a full paycheck will be received as you can imagine is awful.

theresumeking When they agree on a debt ceiling!

jptrintaylor Man it need to be over to day. . Just bless im still working ..

baltimoresfinest_autoclub@drejohnson1 hopefully this week the economy was hurting before the shutdown things really messed up now.. gm to the whole morning crew

mytime2shine85 Never let it end up doing so Americans can rethink the value the gov. control over everything.I don’t believe in a faulty man made stronghold. There’ll will always be confusion.

the_zulu_digital The government is wrong for shutting down @drejohnson1

nodramaclint83@drejohnson1 idk but what I do no they still taking them taxes so to me they still open lol

1dogman When racism ends, so I guess NEVER, get it”TOGETHER”.

theresumeking@drejohnson1 “The Résumé King”. Lol. My man.

cuppykake1965 Idk, but I think it’s Petty and Heartless…Play’n w/ ppl’s

ravensdfens Gov been shutdown since Obama been in office because the rep controlled house has repeatedly impeded his progress through their resentful attitude from losing the election..real talk

lastofadieingbreed If it was possible to take away there pay they would get it together and do their jobs…… why should they be compensated if they cant do their perspective jobs….. #showthemhowcilvilianemployeesfeel…..

singlelyfe2147 @drejohnson1 I don’t know but on a happier note y’all are killing it with these remixes this morning. I luv it

bratty_baker Get us paid! Some of us HAVE TO WORK …ugh

thevoicemebradby2 I believe the government shut down will be over in 2 weeks. Its always when the pain hits Congress pockets do they cave in and want to work.

knglksh Its just a pure mess.. government worrying about defaulting on there bills what about the people that’s furlough we are defaulting on our bills and we still gotta go to work…

long_live_vito It could be a minute Bruh, they gonna do each and errthing in their power to stop what President Obama is tryna do. Smdh.

DJDeeLamont‏ @DJDeeLamont HOPEFULLY Before the rapture RT “@DreJohnson1: Dre’s #breakfastbite.. When do you think the government shutdown will be

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