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Through the years The D.A., Dre and Alichia, have met some interesting celebs.  Check out some our favs & read why we love them.

Ed Reed was one of our favorite Ravens.  He was so cool down to earth when we met up with him on the day this pic was taken.  He was there to promote his non-profit organization and the rain did not keep him from meet & greeting and taking pics with fans. 

We met Elle at a meet and greet at the radio station.  She did an impromtu accoustic performance in our lunch room and stole our heart.   Afterwards she kicked it with us… chatting it up, like one of the crew.  

This guy right here took our little interview down ratchet lane.  Of course we loved it, despite the fact that he  clowned Alichia Cruz’s husband…..Search “The Game Says Halle Berry Has Bad Booty” and you will see him in all his ratchet glory.

So we had to interview MGK right before the MMG concert and he so generously invited us on his bus for some of his festivies…and then we ran into him at an afterparty.  Cool guy.

He is such pimp.  He came in the studio to talk to us and started putting the moves on…we think it’s all part of his persona though and once he began to open up…we could see why IG has so many pics of him.  He is quite a character.

Bmore lost an amazing talent this year.  Smash was not only extremely talented…He was very cool.  He would play along with all our antics when we had him on our show and he always made a point to party with us  at Northwood. RIP Smash!

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