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Chris Brown just cant catch a break! Another lawsuit besides the hit & run has been filed against Breezy and this time Frank Ocean’s cousin is suing him.

Sha’keir Duarte is suing Breezy, claiming that he was seriously injured during the parking lot brawl between Frank, Chris & their entourages in January outside the Hollywood recording studio . So Sha’keir claims  that one of a member from Chris crew  named “Hood”, beat him down for no reason during the altercation. Now if your wondering why he is suing Chris and not the guy apparently  he heard Chris yell, “Get that Ni**a.” Hood allegedly then continued  to kick Frank’s cousin in the head, until somebody made him stop. Chris then yelled

“You just got your ass beat and it’s on camera,”

Sha’keir is suing for  battery, assault, and conspiracy to commit battery.


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