Let the female vs male rap beef begin! After Kendrick Lamar released his Control verse they hip hop industry went crazy and while he didn’t mention any females artist Nicki Minaj actually took offense to that. In a recent interview Nicki was asked how she felt about the Kendrick verse and she just went all […]

So as everyone has pretty much heard by now Chris Brown has been charged with a misdemeanor after allegedly being involved in a fight in DC during Howard’s Homecoming.  While there has been a lot of back in forth he said she said going on cameras don’t lie and according to cameras the whole thing […]

Ok so why Jennifer Hudson’s boo David Otunga decided to get into all this rap drama and mention Wale I’m not sure but it was probably a  very very bad idea. Ok so David took to twitter to add onto the Kendrick Lamar rap battles saying, Hmmmm David really?  So of course Wale has no […]

Raz B former B2K member is officially apart of the bottle throwing crew expect hes not the one throwing them he’s the one receiving.  So Raz  made  the headlines of most blogs because of and incident that happened at one of his performances in China where he apparently lives (Who knew)? According to TMZ, Raz was […]

  Chris Brown just cant catch a break! Another lawsuit besides the hit & run has been filed against Breezy and this time Frank Ocean’s cousin is suing him. Sha’keir Duarte is suing Breezy, claiming that he was seriously injured during the parking lot brawl between Frank, Chris & their entourages in January outside the […]

Well its about that time again Kanye has been pretty quiet in 2013 and hasn’t gotten a chance to express how he really feels, but during a show  at the Hammersmith Apollo in London he finally ended his silence. Check out Kanye’s full rant below & why he isn’t feeling ‘Suit & Tie’. PARENTAL ADVISORY! […]