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I could never understand why most people find it necessary to constantly be late to every thing. The old saying “you’re going to be late to your own funeral” isn’t something to chuckle about. It’s not something you want to be known for doing all the time. It’s actually a bad title to be known as or when someone references you, it’s like “Mmm…well you better tell her to be there two hours early so she’s on time!” SMH…

If you’re a person that’s constantly late to everything, and you really do care about other people, maybe thinking about whose affected when you’re late or what it does when you’re late, will help you sharpen your skills to better your time management.

  • Being on time for work demonstrates commitment and professional courtesy, which are essential characteristics that company’s value in their employees.
  • It demonstrates a commitment to your job and your employer.
  • Conversely, arriving late might convey that company matters and your colleagues’ work and input are a low priority.

Plus, it’s plain rude and inconsiderate…even selfish!


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