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200068987-005I asked this question on both Twitter and Facebook and the response was interesting.

What is the difference between a father and a daddy? You say what?


Kiva A. Fisher-Green I think so, my father is alive and well but I never had a dad. #imho

Toy Johnson Hell yes! Father=sperm. Dad= real parenting & work!

Myami Sonyprlady Balton For Me Its the other way around Anybody can be called a Dad….But Yo Call someone your Father is something that is powerful…1000 men Can say there a dad….how many can say they are a father that takes care of there child not only Financially but Be there for them in there time of need i know fathers that are taking care of Kids that are not There’s By Blood But you would Never Know so Shouts out to the Fathers that are taken care of there kids and or Someone else’s…

Stranjay Shanice Whitley Yea father just help mom to make u a dad put u to bed n is always dere wen u need him

Adrienne Felton Russell A father is a sperm donor. A dad is their when the donor walks out.

Antwon Grant I disagree with that wholeheartedly…a baby daddy or a trifling dude is a sperm donor…a father handles his responsibility..not only do I handle mine with the child I produced, but with the one I didn’t as well….father is a is just a convenient name…we don’t celebrate daddys day in June….its called Fathers Day for a reason….at the end of the day regardless of the word u prefer..just be a man and handle urs.




 ‏@TheReal_SaQuan1h a dad makes babies and run ….a father stay and raise they kids no matter what ….!!! That’s just my opinion.
@MaddAboutTaylor1h Yup my father & dad are two different people!
@MsJadaSamira1h Absolutely. Dads make you. Fathers raise/take care of you.
You say what? 
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