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Recent reports claim Future did not show up to an appearance at Pulse, a Las Vegas nightclub, because he got into a fight with boo Ciara, and the club owners are pissed that he was a no-show considering they paid him.

The club owner and booking manager for Pulse called into The Breakfast Club to give their side of the story while exposing that the lovebirds are engaged.

“This is how it all went down, allegedly Future and Ciara were beefing as their was some dispute about how they were getting to the event and what cars Ci Ci and Future would ride in. The company tried to appease the fickle celebs with a stretch limo and town car; however, they were not to their liking. Finally the club arranged for four SVU’s to retrieve Ciara, Future, and their entourage to shuttle them to the scheduled event, but the couple decided that they were going to skip it and dine at a nearby steakhouse.

After that last act of disrespect, the club kicked Ciara and Future out of the rooms they booked for them on account that Future was scheduled to appear at the club. Getting kicked out of the hotel was obviously not part of Rocko, Future’s manager’s plans. He called into New York’s Power 105.1 to vent about the issue as he blamed Ciara.”

“I don’t give a d*mn about Ciara. I didn’t book Ciara,” Cliff Dutton, Pusle club Promoter told The Breakfast Club.



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