My son is 15 and I’m ready for him to start working just to stay out of my pockets! If you’re looking for a summer job for your teen, first you should follow these tips:

Put a resume together. Identify your teen’s strengths for the resume. Include school achievements, clubs and organizations, grades, special skills, interests and any jobs they have held in the past.

Have your teen talk to the counselor to find out if the school knows of any summer job openings. Mention to your family and friends that your looking for a summer job for your teen. Networking can provide your teen with many more opportunities.

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Support your teen in the summer job hunting process. Let them know that being turned down for a job is not the end of the world. Give them encouragement, and help them keep their head in the job hunting game.




Here are a few websites that I found to help your teen find a Summer job:,-MD-jobs.html