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Today marks the 1 year anniversary of the beautiful, legendary Whitney Houston. Exactly 1 year ago Whitney was found dead in a bath tub of her Beverly Hilton suite, so the question that many people are asking is “What will happen to the hotel room”.

According to the Los Angeles Times no guests have used the suite since, it  has it been taken “off rotation”  and the number has been removed from the door.

“Out of respect to the family and fans of Whitney, the guest room where she stayed was immediately taken out of inventory and all contents were removed,” they said in a statement. “Hotel management is considering options to repurpose the space but has made no final decisions at this time.”

Once the hotel does decide to put room 434 back in rotation fans who are wishing to stay in the room and take items from the room they will be out of luck, because the Beverly Hills Police Department apparently stripped the room of its furniture even  including the bathtub.

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