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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. How would you rate Customer Service in Baltimore? Excellent, Good, Average or Poor? @drejohnson @92qjamsbmore #2013 #bmore #baltimore

eddiehollywood‏@eddiehollywood What up! @DreJohnson1 CUSTOMER SERVICE IS POOR!!! bc If it’s not a immature teenager, it’s a over-qualified adult.

Yo_Rico (Not Suave)!‏@Ricoishere @DreJohnson1 @92QJamsBmore Customer Service in B’More is average. The same as in any city. You have some ratchet and some excellent

Hi MaSoN’s MoM‏@MasonMiAmor @DreJohnson1 it depends on where u go. Go ghetto expect ghetto they need a customer service class for the hood and ghetto class GM Dre

mrsjodijay‏@mrsjodijay @DreJohnson1 poor!!!!! I’ve never experienced such unprofessionalism before moving here smh GM 😊

Urbanwulf‏@Urbanwulf @DreJohnson1 I’d say average how are you gonna give me attitude and you work in a stall in the middle if the mall.

ClassiLady‏@mochahunny84 @DreJohnson1 hey Dre! It depends what part of bmore you’re in but mostly its poor..no one is pleasant/considerate of the customer.

Lena lynn‏@suckaforl0veee @DreJohnson1 the customer service in bmore is poor they always be slow especially at fast food places lol

Matthew E. Bradby II‏@MatthewBradby @DreJohnson1 @92Qj I would say customer service is average on the high end compared to places I have been world wide!

Mrs.Campbell‏@TCampbell312 @DreJohnson1 @92qj the men are good – but the women are poor (stay with ratchet attitudes) lol GM!

Jemar McCoy How bout, so so for some …but accordong to where or whom u frequent.

Toiya Tko Best It depends on where you go in my opinion, go to dss and it’s down right POOR!!!!! ThickDiva here Dre……LOL

Yvonne Artis poor…as soon as u call a place of business, hole on plz, not to mention when they say hollow,instead of hello..smh! ignorant!

Charlene Manns Believe me if you show or give me poor customer I will call ur or email ur corporate office and complain and usually get a free meal or apology for the inconvenice…. And yes I give cust kudos for great service too.

Teaira Scott From my experiences some were good, most was poor. But it does depend on where you go.

DjBunk Dodson Poor


bigdee2002Poor ignorance is bliss here

mzcapricornDepends on where u are so i would say average

keya0903It depends on where u go. Ashely Stewart westview has the best customer service

zulu_ktMost people in Baltimore don’t have great CS silk

mr_robinson_est11@drejohnson1 average. .. I don’t think people should work with people if they are always having problems home

luv4fattasticChick-fila and Fogo De Chao has the best customer service..

berylwhippleGood morning. Unfortunately, customer service in Baltimore has mainly been poor, especially with fast food and Black businesses. I hope it gets better in 2013

emandugVery poor,it used to be just in the city now the county has hop on the bandwagon

mr_robinson_est11@drejohnson1 McDonald’s on coldspring Hood 2 Hood

doctahill@drejohnson1 the worse ever and I’m military I’ve lived all around the us!

mrs_arandolphPooooor , Average is rare here

joyousoccasionI recently moved from NC and customer service here sucks, nothing like that southern hospitality

uniquely_1meChick fila need to teach these fast foods customer service, that’s all ima say lol…

shayediaz_santiago@drejohnson1 I went Dunkin donuts on Harford Rd yesterday and I thought black folks were rude the Indians that run the store on harford rd in parkville are terrible

teamroc_1520@drejohnson1 customer service first starts with the customer. If you come in with an attitude you can probably expect attitude back. Remember I didn’t make you mad.

denine_broomSometime good and sometimes bad. A lot of the fast food restaurants are examples of bad. The ppl that work there need to take a class on customer service for real.