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Via: Baltimore Sun

Our very own DJ AngelBaby was featured in the Baltimore Sun’s holiday feature story For These Baltimore Folks, Thankfulness Is Personal. Many of you hear her high energy, bubbly personality over the airwaves and dance to her deejaying at some of the hottest nightclubs around the city but what you may not know about DJ AngelBaby is that the odds were stacked against her from the very beginning.

Growing up in a household where her father was not present and mother strung out on drugs, Angel was fending for herself at a very young age. She even landed herself in trouble time and time again trying to survive. But thanks to loving friends, teachers who saw her potential and her own determination to be great and to make something of herself Angel left Baltimore to pursue an education at Howard University, graduating with honors in 2006.

She continues to be a leader in the community and founded a non-profit organization called Urban Artemis to help empower young women in Baltimore.

“It’s for the same young girls who are a victim of their circumstances,” she says. “To show them how not to be.”

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