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I bet you woke up feeling pretty good this morning? Unfortunately, the person close to you the next cubicle didn’t. We all can’t have perfect days! What would life be like if it was perfect anyway? Not even the richest person in the world has a perfect day!

Cheer up my friend! Look around! No matter what’s going on in your life, someone else’s life is probably worse off than yours.

Hard to believe right? Not that we should feel better about that, but it should shed some light on whatever situation you’re in.

Here’s a negative: your car broke down.

The positive is: You weren’t in an accident, you have insurance and it’s minor. The mechanic might be cute!


Here are a few more tips that might help:

1. Don’t get mad when things do go your way or as planned.

2. Always have a plan B.

3. If it’s not in your control, then keep it moving.

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