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With the passing of a close associate and RadioOne employee due to a motorcycle accident just last night I decided to dedicate today’s motivational minute to him and his family by offering some tips on motorcycle safety.  I know they’re fun to ride and its cool when people do tricks on them but people tend to ignore the inherent dangers that are involved in riding on a vehicle with no outer protection around you.

  1. Wear A Helmet!!!  This is possibly the most important thing you need to consider before even getting on a motorcycle. Helmets not only save lives but prevent serious head injuries in the case of a fall.


  1. Get The Gear!!!  A true rider had all the proper motorcycle gear necessary to ensure a safe ride, such as a motorcycle jacket, gloves, boots, and pants.
  1. Take Motorcycle Safety Classes!!! You didn’t learn how to be a safe driver without first taking classes on how to do so. It’s no different with a motorcycle. Take classes to ensure you know the proper safety procedures when riding.