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With father’s day on Sunday I figured it was only right to dedicate today’s motivational minute to all the dad’s out there who love and support their children. With that being said I had to place a call to my dad just to tell him how much I love and appreciate him for all the values he instilled in me as a child and continues to instill in me as an adult. Anyone can be a father but it takes a man that’s caring, dedicated and loving to be a dad. So to all the dads out there who are and continue to be a rock in their children’s life and hold them down in this post is for you.  For all of you who don’t know the qualities that make a great dad here are a few.

Be a dad first and a friend second:

It’s okay to be your child’s friend, but you must understand that you’re their parent first. As such you must set the guidelines in which they must follow to grow into respectable adults and parents themselves. By doing this you ensure that you are respected as their parent and recognized as their fried too.

Listen to you children and teach them respect:

Communication is essential in building any relationship especially with your children so talk to them often. This also helps establish an emotional connection which allows your children to share personal feelings with you and in today’s crazy world it’s important to know what’s going on in your child’s life at all times.

Respect your mate and demonstrate good manners:

Children learn by example so set a good one by showing respect towards you lover. This not only teaches your children how to treat their future spouse but also demonstrates love which is essential for maintaining a relationship with friend’s family and most importantly their mate.

Praise them for their good and discipline them for the bad:

It’s always good to support, motivate and praise your children your children in all of their accomplishments even the smallest ones. But it is also important to discipline you children when they do something wrong. This does not men BEAT THEM TO DEATH!!! Sometimes a small punishment is best like taking away a toy, a time out or sometimes a simple conversation of why what they did was wrong and to not do it again.