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Wednesday in the Love Zone was all about whether or not you would allow your lover to run your business.  There are some cases in the entertainment industry where having a spouse/lover as a manager has worked, but far more cases where it has been a major fail.  What do you think?

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Can Your Lover Run Your Business?

Hell to the No! I would love to see my lover trying to repo a car! – Jeff

My fiance??…yes. He is very business-minded & he would NEVER do anything to hurt me or my children. He wnts to see us happy & well off & he’ll do anything in his power to make that happen – Brittany

That depends on if she’s qualified to do so.. – Maurice

I wouldnt have a problem with it because for the simple fact that u know ur spouse so well and you would trust them to take of it and make sure that both of you look good – Sierra

As long as he is trust worthy and capable of profit,  I def would it would show how much he truly loves me if he continues to be trusting when he has power of all my profits!!! And not run off wit it lol – Jamie

Everyone can’t run a business and you have to have full confidence in that person if you do. – Jeramy

I wouldn’t have a problem with my husband running my business…I think it’s sexy ~wink-wink – Proud

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