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So you hate your job? Well at some point we all do. But, the key point is that you do have a job. It takes forever for people to find a job sometimes. So, be thankful! Slacking off when you hate your job is tempting. You may feel that you are underpaid, underappreciated and your job is boring. However, failing to maintain a good work ethic presents other challenges. If you don’t perform your job well you could lose the position and face long-term unemployment. Most times it is preferable to have a job — even one you hate — than spending months looking for another position that might not be much better.


1. Give yourself some tough love by considering how your job situation could be even worse, especially in a tight economy. Watch news reports of people from all walks of life struggling with unemployment because employers just aren’t hiring. Remind yourself how openings at your company attract dozens or possibly hundreds of applicants for each open position.

2. List reasons on a sheet of paper detailing why you hate your job. Make the reasons specific to your job functions and not based on personalities. Perhaps your boss is a jerk, but that’s a separate issue. So is the guy in the cubicle next to you who keeps popping his chewing gum. Instead of blaming others for your unhappiness, use the bullet points to examine why you feel your duties and responsibilities are so bad.


3. Ask your boss for a meeting to discuss how you can achieve an outstanding evaluation on your next review. Use the session to ask your boss advice for being the best employee you can be. Focus on just that during the discussion. For example, it’s fair game to ask your boss how to handle rude customers if you’re working in customer service. If interaction with customers is making you hate your job, then you may need better training or a transfer into a new position.


4. Get a mentor. Use the help of your boss, if necessary, to identify someone older or wiser who can help you work through your issues. Also consider job shadowing in other departments to learn how others maintain a great work ethic even when their jobs are not the best.


5. Fall in love with your job again. Turn the hate around as you remind yourself why you took the job in the first place. If it’s too late to rekindle the love, focus on using the job as a stepping stone to something better. Force yourself to perform at a higher level so that you can parlay the effort into a better job in another department — or with another company.

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