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Triflin’ Things People Are Doing Because of The Economy

Are you or somebody you know stealing toilet paper from work? Do you use the company printer to print coupons? What have u or someone you know been forced to do because of the economy?

Here’s what some of my fb friends had to say….

Faraji Whiting :  economy bad or not I been taking things from work to save a buck. Good Morning
Syreeta C Chase Just because iys a bad economy means u gotta go trifflin? Naw not me and mine I cut back a lot live simply but only a triflin person will do something trife!!
Nicole Stith Its not trifling, for me because I’m feedin mine ,,but i buy foodstamps, ,,every month
Bobbie Derossett-Williams I know someone who steals salt & pepper shakers from restaurants & the silverware too…lol

Carl Owens I witnessed a person buying The Northface jacket in a XS girls to try and return it to get the sale price for an XS womens, lol!!
Amy Williams ok…so the paper towels from work was always a gimme…not saying no names or anything….BUT i have known a few peeps to get some “junkie hook ups” like…u buy a dyson…and then return it (with your old dirt devil in the box) and get money back..junkies charging50 on that one :)

Lisa C. Lemon I just had to cut back to save

Javon Singleton ivseen somebody stealing ketchup from McDonalds.

Faraji Whiting I dont rob the till but basic necessties that my company are going to throw away I will take. I’m not proud but again these are small items and as a supervisor I can use at my discresion

wow…these are creative.
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