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Dre’s #Breakfast Bite.. Do you support the Governor’s plan to increase the gas tax to help balance the state budget?

  1. Cherie Tierra Mcbride No I don’t support the gas tax cause its hard enough as it is to buy gas.
  2. Wanda SweetPeaches Ramseur No.
  3. Kevin Boardley no i dont drive in can care less.
  4. Torrance Preech Hopson no we dont get payed to balance the budget.
  5. Mekelle Mccormick No I do not!! He said it’s to help fix the highway and streets. B.S. I wouldn’t mind it if he could SHOW US where past tax increase money went. I mean a detailed breakdown.
  6. Jermaine Townes HELL NAWWWWW!!! They always what tax something that doesnt directly effect them.
  7. Jeremiah Warren Hell no I dont agree but he s gonna do it any way b cus the goverment know we gonna tk it.
  8. Vonnie Fatz Long He’s telling lies that sounds good to himself.
  9. “@A1ManShow: @Dawkness00 @92QJamsBmore @DreJohnson1 eff o’malley he hasn’t done shyt 4 md he just trynna set himself up to run prez”
  10. “@Dawkness00: I do t even think the governor pays for his own gas so he dont know how it effects us!!
  11. “@losugar: @DreJohnson1 break bite? I don’t care what they do as long as the drop these gas prices hell its $500 a gal geezzzz lol”
  12. “@83CONWAY: @DreJohnson1 no I do not agree with him trying to raise gas tax .. We already have to pay a hospital bill for a gallon now”
  13. “@kikibrown92Q: hell no!!! He need to drive his own damn car! He has a driver so he finds it easy to say we need a hike! Come on son!!!”
  14. “@TrinaBellaRose: I don’t agree with the gas tax. Gas is already expensive. good morning babe.