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If you’re headed to the malls about hesitant about the rude customer service agents that you’ll have to face, just check out these tips.

·         Retail Reveal

Holiday shopping is stressful. But shoppers aren’t the only ones under pressure — retail clerks have their fair share of grievances to endure. We talked to sales associates across the country to find out what they’re really thinking about your shopping habits, plus got their insider tips on how to score the best deals.

·         Don’t Be Rude

Aside from the bad karma that comes from being discourteous to well-meaning salespeople, your rude attitude might actually cost you special deals and discounts. “If customers treat me badly, I’ll withhold information that can give them access to discounts,” says Freeman Hall, author of Retail Hell: How I Sold My Soul to the Store.

·         Don’t Rehang

“It’s nice when people hang dressing room items back up, but please do it right-side-out! Otherwise, why bother hanging them up at all?” asks Brooke, a former retail associate from Los Angeles. Instead, return items neatly to the fitting room attendant so she can properly hang or fold them to ensure they get back on the floor faster.

·         Respect Store Hours

Strolling into a store minutes before it’s scheduled to close is fine, as long as you browse quickly and leave. But if you know the clock is ticking, “Do you really need to try on seven outfits and keep the staff waiting?” asks Rachel, a sales associate from Joplin, Missouri. “Like you, we have lives and families to get back to.”