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Earlier this week, Evelyn announced that she would be returning to Basketball Wives and that she has signed a 6-figure book & movie deal with Cash Money. Well, hope you can count because the reality tv-star’s check, has just got a little longer.

Get the details about her lip-locking new venture that just may cause a certain co-star’s head to roll, below.

Moments ago, Evelyn Lozada announced on Twitter that she is the new face of Secret Kisses Lipstick and Lip Gloss line.

The exclusive line consists of 28 shades of lipsticks, 8 Lip Candy flavored glosses and 5 Lip Gem gloss colors.

“I’ve loved makeup all my life, and lipstick is the starting point of my day,” states Lozada. “Whether I want to be bold, flirty, saucy or natural, being a part of the Secret Kisses brand allows me the opportunity to be all of those things and I’m excited!” (Press Release)

Now, If my memory serves me correctly, doesn’t her BBW co-star, Jennifer, have her own line of Lip Gloss called, Lucid? You better believe she do. Now with tension already at an all time high between Eve and Jenn, this won’t do anything but make matters worse. Can it get worse? I don’t know if it can because I already heard that two have fallen completely out. Jennifer may want to be careful because last season, Evelyn was ready to tap that azz, when she was talking reckless about Ocho. All I can say is YIKES. We will see how this plays out when the new season of Basketball Wives begins.

P.S. Taping has already begun, and yes there is drama, according to my sources. Evelyn tweeted this picture last night after taping.

I’ve been sworn to secrecy about this, BUT, I hear that there will be HELL in LA…..