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Question: Things you should or should never buy generic?

Carlos Biglos White Rubbers From The Dollar Tree, SMH.

Teetee Smith Ketchup only Hines!!!!!! Lol

Nicole Johnson pregnacy test ijs.

Krystal Renee’ DIAPERS!

Antonio Dodson Bootleg CD’s as Christmas gifts lol, that’s just wrong.


Ashly Smith Vitamins.

Trina Whoelsebutme Selden with the economy the way it is, everyone should be buying everything generic.

Riversallovame Pennix Washn or dish detergent 2oo waterd down.

Sharelle White-mcknight Cheese, sugar, bread, mayo, milk, turkey meat, hell alot of shit’ father god please continue to keep us above water.

Latasha White Condoms, oh body oil…that ish burns, designer bags, premium denim jeans, Car seats, strollers.

Kevin Boardley Off brand potato chips or soda.

Tinneil Givinghimjustenuff Moore Diamonds, gold, perfume at the checkout, nikeboots or Timbs.

Maileka Flippen FAKE CHEESE CURLS …cheese tastes funny, ketchup, plastic shoes faking like they leather.

Rhonda Dontneedthebulshit Hayes Bra’s,sheets, dollar store underwear Gm Dre

Lakeila Truesdale No generic jordans.

Tiffany Moore Pills!

“@HrmlssFlirtTNT: @DreJohnson1 lotion….the ash will never leave. Lol GM boo”

“@DjTopflight: @DreJohnson1 definitely no generic cheese or ketchup! Only Heinz and Kraft! Also good morning!”

Karletta Drake -Yes, i agree wit u there but Dre it was something bout that welfare cheese back in the day. Them grilled cheese sandiches…… lol

“@Bad__Twin: @DreJohnson1 people should never buy generic mary jane *k2*

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