Question: What should Jacksonville be concerned about when the Ravens hit the field tonight?

“@hostrander54: @DreJohnson1 my team got spanked last night 62-7 I think the same will happen to Jacksonville tonight” Thx man

“@HrmlssFlirtTNT: they need to worry abt offense…Special teams and especially defense. They rely a lot on the run and our defense. GM

“@SpeedonTheBeat: @DreJohnson1 uh…everything? Flacco, Torrey, Ray Squared, Ngata, Boldin, etc. #purplemonday” Yes sir.. Thank u

Linney Garner Lil’ Ray Ray running like a Hebrew slave!!!!! lol

Crystal Bella Murchison Everything. defense. front seven.

Nicole Taking Charge Zahara Taking a butt whipping.

Kevin Boardley The ravens defense And the points per game.

Trina Whoelsebutme Selden Ray Rice n them slave feet and Torry Smith.

Terri Perry Rice running through!!!

Toiya Tko Best Everything.

Riversallovame Pennix Da D.

MrsShekella Charitytoyou Torrey Smith and Ray Rice.

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