Word on the curb is that Mayweather & Ortiz wasn’t the only two fighting in Vegas. They may not have got as paid as Mayweather, but the buzz is growing that Fab & Bandy’s brother, Ray J, knuckled up.

Da Da Da Da Damn…..

Appearantly Ray J was HEATED this weekend, after Fabolous made some ha-ha’s about him on Twitter.

The story goes on to tell that Ray J spotted Fabolous in the club, and punched him. After the “sucker-punch”, Fabolous started to beat the breaks out Brandy’s brother, and police escorted Ray J out of the club.

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According to reports, folks immediatedly went to Twitter to speak on the fight.

Just saw Ray J and Fabolous throw blows backstage at the concert in Vegas,” and “So @RayJ just punched @myfabolouslife about some dumb stuff but Fab whooped his a** backstage.”

Did it really happen? Appearantly it did. Ray J called in to The Breakfast Club to speak on the incident.

Ray J On Power 105 About Fabolous Fight by urbaninformer


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